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Nature Nurtures!

Updated on September 9, 2014


Tender new-born was I

Cradled on the lap of

My Mother Earth,

Swinging merrily on either side

Flashed I a smile

As beaming as a Moon's curve;

Fed she me,

With milk as white as liquid snow

Along with ample hued edibles,

Topping all with love;

Tutored she me

With spacious nature

As vast as the ocean and the sky;

Delicious dishes catering to taste buds

And mind-worms consuming good books

Grew I to be a responsible citizen!

Grooming up into a gentleman

Became I duty-bound

To disseminate

My wealth of wisdom

Of my Mother's love and concern

To her children all,

The pedigree of mankind,

So as to melt their hearts

With words as warm as wool

Of fair treatment

To our Mother Earth

Who keeps nursing us all - perennially!

Drop the axe to hold the plough

To Nature let us reverentially bow!


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