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Updated on October 21, 2009



I was the frozen water that
thawed into absolutely nothing.
Alas I did not know as I dissipated,
that my essence fed eight flowers,
and a six foot patch of grass. 
It quenched some parched worms thirst,
and caused an acorn to germinate,
which will someday be a mighty oak.
Some of me added to the well,
that a family near by drinks from.
Several ounces evaporated 
and became new snow,
protecting the roots of a fruit tree.
Portions of me became part of a cloud,
that sparked the imagination of a poet.
And 760 dandelions will launch white puffs
this spring because I became liquid.
Plus eighteen winter birds sipped
my cool refreshment, 
before I vanished into mother earth.
I am the ice that truly became something.

"Every little thing we do or say, 
can affect the world even 
if we think it means nothing."


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    • Artamia profile image


      8 years ago from GTA, Canada

      • A very long wait! ....Une si longue attente!

      :: Even if we think it means nothing...

      ..........Même si nous estimons qu'elle ne signifie rien ...


      ••• "Every little thing we do or say,

      can affect the world even

      if we think it means nothing."

      ~~~~ by MFB III

      ••• "Chaque petite chose que nous faisons ou disons,

      peuvent affecter le monde, même

      si nous estimons qu'elle ne signifie rien. "

      ~~~~ par MFB III



      • Why we’ve been absent


      Love & Friendship, like bonsai,

      needs care and pruning. A mind

      unfocused kills both.


      • Pourquoi nous avons été absents


      Amour et amitié, comme le bonsaï,

      besoins de soins et d'élagage. Un esprit

      unfocused tue deux.



      • boost immunity


      expose yourself to those with

      generous spirits.


      • renforcer ton immunité...


      vous vous exposez à ceux qui ont

      généreux esprits.


      • A haiku a day keeps obtuseness away

      • Un haïku par jour garde stupidité loin...

    • Artamia profile image


      8 years ago from GTA, Canada



      "Every little thing we do or say,

      can affect the world even

      if we think it means nothing."

      YES! This little nothing [Words] can heal... and words can kill..


      The moon is wild and unknown.

      It follows us everywhere.

      The clocks are broken.

      We feel insignificant and vaporous.

      We could just vanish.

      At first we would tremble like leaves,

      then there would be nothing left

      but a small wind gathering the dust of ourselves.

      There is no time anymore.

      The day is done.

      I lie back and watch the curtains

      lift and fall like someone breathing.


      """...In spite of my spiritual leanings, sometimes I allow myself to be engulfed in the blackest of moods, moods that are blacker than black, like a thousand midnights sewn together. I find that I can love so passionately and so desperately, and then at other times, I often find less space in my soul than there is on a subway car at rush hour.

      I try to accept this...""" HOW ABOUT YOU ???




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