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Novel Draft

Updated on October 19, 2011

A Novel without a Name

So I have noticed a many of people that have been wanting to write a novel. This has also been a long dream of mine. Therefore I have decided to start a little novel of my own. Do a page at a time and see where it leads. Who knows in 2 years time I might have created a fantastic book that millions will love. Feel free to leave a comment or opinion, I always love to hear a different point of view. I hope you enjoy my first page.

Side note- I named it a Novel without a Name because I belive a name should be created after the book is finished.

The Beginning

All roads must have a beginning and an end. This is where we begin. In a far away mystical land where all roads end in fire and treason. A prophecy was created by one of the few seers the land still held. This prophecy would give the poor and the brave soldiers that still fought against the horrid king a shred of hope. For that is what they all needed with the world falling into blackness. The prophecy goes that a single boy of great powers will be born of a mother with no father. A boy who is poor, but when becoming of age, unknown powers will come into him that not even the King would ever be able to thwart.

The King not taking any chances sent word to his army to kill every boy born poor. To sweep the lands and make sure none saw more than a glimpse of the world. Millions of innocent infant children was murdered. The king leaving none alive. But, there would be no story if the boy perished would there?

The light was a golden brown on the horizontal, the sun just beginning to go down over the land. Eric was sitting next to the stream listing to the soft trickle of the water hitting the rocks. Up above the thistles was buzzing around in the trees. A beautiful being of multiple colors that Eric always found himself starring at lost in thought. Today he was pondering his life. For the last 16 years him and his mother had been living in a small holler in a shack. Not what he was born into but a place where he called home and loved. He was born into the upper class. He never knew his father but right after he was born it was told to him his father disappeared. Leaving his mother with little money left making them poor.


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    • laidbacklady profile image


      7 years ago from Plumsted Township, NJ

      Nice lead in, Tosha11. Aside from a few grammatical issues, this is a nice read. I will look forward to your next installment. Keep it up! Voted up and interesting!


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