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Novel Idea: Where Nobody Knows My Name

Updated on July 22, 2011

The first of many...

You know, one thing on my life goals list, is to write a best selling novel. I've wanted to do so since I was about 18 years old, and for the last 7 years, I've been pumping out every idea I've had. I got some mind mapping programs, some writing software. I've studied authors I love to read and checked on all the tips for writing. You should see my "book writing" folder. It's full of years worth of partially written novels (it's okay to laugh).

More than half of them are very viable ideas and I think that it's time to release them to the world, to see what they become. So this is to be the first "novel idea" hub of many I intend to write for you. The idea is that I'll act as your muse and you get that best seller you've been dream of writing. All you have to do is turn my idea into a full fledged book.

Think you're up for it? Check out this novel idea...


Close your eyes and let the scene unfold in front of you...

You're a 13 year old boy (or girl), who has grown up in a small town where everyone knows everyone. This might be a good thing for some people, but for you, it's the bane of your existence. You can't stand that everyone knows who you are and where you come from because you're family has a bad town history...

Your dad is an alcoholic and has been known for lying and stealing to pay of his gambling debts. Your older brother has been arrested for beating up his girlfriends, stealing cars and selling drugs. Your mom was well liked, but that didn't help anything because she died when you were only 6 years old. To make things worse, when you were a little kid, you accidentally took a piece of candy out of a store without paying for it, and now everyone thinks that you're a bad seed just like your dad and your brother.

You've done everything you could think of to get away from the imagine the town has of you. Volunteering for various community activities... Getting good grades in school.. Sticking up for other kids getting bullied.. You even climbed a really huge tree to rescue your neighbors cat who had been missing for weeks, but when you went to return the cat, the neighbor lady accused you of stealing the cat and holding it hostage. She wouldn't even let you explain how and where you found here.

Your life was pretty much complete crap because of your family, and if it weren't for your best friend, you would've left already. Though even you're best friend won't be able to change your mind when the last straw is finally plucked out from under you....

The last straw...

You're on your way to school in the early hours of the morning. You had to walk to school because none of the school buses came this far into the bad side of town. It seemed like a normal day until you were putting things away in your locker before history class.

You had just closed your locker door when you turned around and found the principal standing behind you with the most threatening look. Next to her was the tall school security guard who his large arms crossed in front of his chest. You said hi to the principal, wondering what was wrong, when she told you that you had to open your locker and submit to a search. You asked why they were searching you while going to open your locker when the security guard pushed you against the lockers and told you to stop questioning and called you a little thief.

After they had torn apart everything in your locker and laid it all on the ground, they couldn't find what they were looking for and told you that you need to come to the office for a physical search. You didn't fight it, but your frustration level when higher and higher as things went on. They searched your hair, your jacket, your shoes and your hat. They did a pat down, went through everything in your backpack and made you life up your shirt to show there wasn't anything there.

When they were finally done searching you, they still didn't find whatever they were looking for. At that point they sat you down and without even explaining anything, and began asking where "it" was. You had no idea what they were asking and asked what "it" was. They refused to answer you, saying that you knew exactly what "it" was and continuing to interrogate you.

When they realized that you really had no clue what "it" was, they finally told you that some kid had reported a missing iPhone and had said that you took it. You told them you didn't and pointed out that they had gone through everything I owned and didn't find it. Though they said you could've sold it or something and that just because they didn't have any evidence didn't mean they couldn't suspend you from school.

This wasn't the first time something like that had happened to you, but you wished with all your being that it would be the last time it ever happened. When they let you out of the office, you had to pick up everything from your locker that they had thrown on the floor. Mean while the classes got out and several kids kept walking all over your strewn papers and personal belongings. You were so fed up that you planned to leave that night, once and for all.

You finished picking up your things and putting it all in your backpack. You were going to leave for the day before they came back and decided to suspend you anyways. You'd go back to your house, find whatever money you could, pack your backpack with essentials and go. If you could find a way to do it, you'd make time to stop and stay goodbye to your best friend. Then you were on your way for good.

Plot Summary

Growing up in a small town isn't easy for a kid with your family history. You've put up with it for 13 years and you're fed up. It's time to move on and get out of this dead beat town where you're clearly not wanted anyways.

You've decided it's time to hit the road and travel to the big city, where nobody knows your name or your past. It's the only chance you have of living a normal life and not go crazy.

It's up to you...

Add some characters, choose which "big city" to go to and which town your from. Give your main character a name and create the rest of your characters. Then go to town on writing this novel out!


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