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Novel Writing Inspiration

Updated on October 1, 2017
This is what happens when inspiration strikes for a novelist
This is what happens when inspiration strikes for a novelist

Novel Writing Inspiration

Writing a novel can be limitless, the question is can novel writing inspiration be limitless? The inspiration for writing novels can come at any time which means it can be limitless.Since inspiration can come from anywhere. It can be limitless when you let your mind do the writing rather than letting your hands do it.

Attention Authors! When you come up with an idea for a book do you ever think of what inspired you to come up with that specific idea? Most writing ideas and other ideas, come from inspiration but where does inspiration come from? If you are watching a movie or hanging out with friends, you might come up with an idea for a novel. There are a limitless number of things, a limitless number of times, and a limitless number of places where novel inspiration can come from. With the limitless number of places and times of day that novel ideas can come into your head, you almost always need to carry a book or something with you to write on. If you are writing a novel or looking for novel writing inspiration carrying a notebook would be the best thing. Novel writing inspiration can come from limitless places you just have to be willing to look that is why carrying a notebook would be best at all times.

I have done this a lot. When I was younger I was always writing novels and to this day I still do. The ideas come in limitless amounts, not that they are all used but when you are inspired to write a novel you do it. I started writing novels I think at the age of seven. That’s right seven, I have written about seven to nine novels so far, not that they have been published or anything this is just a rough draft, but they are there. Where did I come up with these ideas to write seven different books? Well from reading other novels, watching television and movies and going out. Sometimes bring out inspiration for the novels or even just sections of the novels that I write. Some of the titles for the novels include Tiny Dancer, The Love of the Game, Sacred Singer, sister just to name a few.

When I am writing a specific novel, sometimes there are limitless ideas that come into my mind for another book, so what do I do? I write it down somewhere so that I can come back to it later. Writing inspiration can come from anywhere, and it can come from anything, you just have to believe it. In a sense being inspired to write a novel can be limitless. At least if you think that it can be, then it is, the limitless number of ideas that can come into your head and spark up a new novel idea can be great. Have you ever had that time in your life where you are writing something else, and an idea for another novel comes into your head? I know that I have, and sometimes it is not just one idea there are limitless amounts of ideas sometimes that come into my head, for novels.

When you write one novel most of the time it inspires you to write another novel and then another. The limitless amount of inspiration for other novels or even for the novel that you are working on at that moment, always makes you happy. Have you ever had the limitless inspiration for other novels or to just continue the novel that you are working on at that very moment? If you are a writer where does your inspiration come from, or do you even know? For some people, it just comes to them at any time, almost all the time, which is how it can be limitless.

If you are looking for  inspiration when writing a novel check out this quote
If you are looking for inspiration when writing a novel check out this quote

Can Inspiration for novel writing come in limitless amounts?

The inspiration for novels can come in limitless amounts with what you do with your life, who you talk to. The list is limitless and yes ideas for books and stories can come from that. That is how most of my story ideas and books come from, usually, it's from talking to a friend or watching something interesting on television. The inspiration for novel writing can be limitless, depending on what you are looking to write.

Most of the time inspiration for novel writing comes from writing a previous novel. Or at least that is what I found, I know that sounds strange but sometimes ideas for new things just hit you in the middle of writing something else so you should always make sure you have something to write new ideas down on. When someone is thinking writing, most of the time other writing ideas pop into their heads for something new. At least that is what happens to me, so I always have my iPhone with me while I am writing so that I can jot down other things in the note section. It is just so much easier than trying to remember it for later. Since novel writing inspiration can come from anywhere at any time in limitless amounts which can be quick which also means it can leave your head just as quickly.

Novel Writing can come from doing everyday tasks when you are thinking of writing while doing something else . Or it can come from not thinking of anything at all and an idea pops into your head. Inspiration is limitless because it can be found anywhere, which means novel writing inspiration can be too. An example of a novel inspiration that I had was while I was watching a horse movie I thought of writing a book titled horses eyes. From watching a movie, how crazy is that?

If you are a writer, the inspiration for writing a new novel can come from limitless places if you let your mind go to a story idea. Most writers know how to do that and know exactly where the best places are to come up with ideas for new books, for example, the best places for me is when I am sitting out on my deck in the summer just listening to the birds. Or if I am by the lake watching the water or I see a lake on a television show or a movie that might spark an idea it just depends on where my head is at.

Where can novel writing inspiration actually come from?

It can come from anywhere, whenever you are doing anything in your day you could be inspired to write a novel. So always have something with you to write things down on, you will be glad you did when you go home and decide to write about your thoughts in a book form later. It is limitless so you always have to have something to write things down on because you never know when ideas are going to strike. Which is both a blessing a curse, it's a blessing because you always have something to work towards, it's a curse because you always feel like you are working and never taking a break and everyone needs a break, no matter if you are a writer or not.

Can inspiration for novel writing be limitless? Let's Discuss

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    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 22 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

      It's being serialized on HP at the moment (gives me deadlines to meet) but should be finished around May time.


    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 22 months ago from Ontario

      That sounds good let me know how it goes thanks for the comment

    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 22 months ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

      I'm new to the actual pounding the keyboards novel writing, previously I've gotten half way through and something's happened like the idea dried up or a computer breakdown but this time I've got a plan and I'm sticking to the plan! That helps me.

      As for ideas, well I get them from life and from things I find out.

      My present project is an action adventure called 'Sting of the Scorpion"


    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 22 months ago from Shelton

      I like to think it just comes from the creative side of the brain..:) good little share louise

    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 23 months ago from Ontario

      Thanks for the comment

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 23 months ago from The Caribbean

      I haven't written a novel, but if I do the inspiration will come from the life struggles and lessons I learned. I will give my novel the ending I prefer. Thanks for even getting me to say/write that.