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January 2017 - Top 3 Must Read Romance/Erotica Novels ***NO SPOILERS***

Updated on December 28, 2016

Last Month Of Reviews - ANNOUNCEMENT

This is the last month I will be doing reviews on a by month basis. I will still be reviewing books, but I want to branch out from the romance/erotic books I've been reviewing thus far and want to post the reviews whenever I am able to, instead of pressuring myself to always finish five books per month, even when I have something else going on that month.

"Clarity 2" By Loretta Lost

My Thoughts

I am addicted to Loretta Lost's writing. She tugs at all your emotions. She makes you laugh, she makes you happy, she makers you angry, she makes you horrified, and sad. I felt all kinds of emotions reading this book. Each book I read in this series and "End Of Eternity" is that much better than the last.

I *knew* what was going to happen during Carmen's wedding (supposedly) because of the beginning scenes of "End Of Eternity", but it was written so beautifully, with words I never expected the characters to say, that my heart broke completely. It was one of the most heartbreaking scenes I've ever read, Carmen and Helen/Winter's fight with each other. I thought I knew what was going to happen, but this authors writing is so beautiful and perfect that I got so much more than I ever expected.

These characters feel so real to me. There's just these little details that make them come alive, like Helen's interaction with her doctor towards the end. I go to the doctor a lot as well and I have felt the kind of exhaustion she experiences in the book, where you feel like you've done enough tests and procedures and even though they want to do just one more, you just can't. I found myself relating to the words and feeling like Helen/Winter is someone I know.

There's also this moment in the book that I loved where the main character kind of explains why this part of the series is called "Clarity." I just love those moments in books where the title suddenly makes sense. It was fantastic.

Every book ends with a cliffhanger. I'm flipping out right now about the cliffhanger! I have to read the next book immediately and find out what happened. You'd think I know because I'm also reading the "End Of Eternity" books, but I don't.

This book read more like a romance novel than the other books in this series have so far, but it's still so unique. This author writes unlike any other author I've read in my life. She should be more popular than she is. She is truly special and possesses a great gift for storytelling.


When violent memories come racing back, he is her only hope...

Helen Winters was living a lonely existence when the charming Dr. Liam Larson coaxed her out of solitude with the promise of healing her sightless eyes. She was hopeful at the prospect of gaining vision for the first time and being reunited with her family. She was also growing somewhat fond of the persuasive young doctor. For the first time in years, she was being magnetically drawn to a new friend...

Then everything came crashing down.

Plunged into a hellish nightmare, Helen is forced to face the same evils she ran away to escape so long ago. She is unprepared to have her hopes crushed and her peace destroyed. She finds herself living in constant terror and drowning in fear--and Liam's voice is the only thing that can keep her afloat. His comforting touch becomes the only light in her pitch-black darkness. Helen has always been a tough girl who relied only on herself. But this time, she can't survive alone. Due to the horrors of her past, Helen has promised herself not to trust anyone. When her life becomes unbearable, how can she trust Liam enough to let him save her?

**********This is the second book of a three-part series.**********

Purchase On Amazon

"End Of Eternity 2" By Loretta Lost

My Thoughts

I'm having so much fun reading "End Of Eternity", while also reading "Clarity" at the same time. You'd think, since the "End Of Eternity" books are heavily based on the events of the "Clarity" series that reading them at the same time would ruin the "Clarity" books because it gives you a lot of spoilers. But it pretty much does the opposite. Everything I learn from the "Clarity" series is enhanced by everything I'm reading in "End Of Eternity" and vice versa. Neither books give the full story, even though they reference each other a lot, because both women only know their own story and not their sisters. Reading their two perspectives simultaneously enhances the experience.

I am absolutely horrified by the ending of this book, but in a good way where I need to read the next book immediately. The author delivers a huge plot twist at the end of it. I feel like I should have seen it coming, but I didn't.

And the plot twist is just so heartbreaking, so sick and horrible....I thought what happened earlier in the book to Carmen was horrible, but it's nothing compared to this.

I wish I could say, but you have to read it and I really mean that, you have to read this series! I am obsessed.


Tragedy. When it rains, it always pours...

Carmen Winters has already lost so much. Now, she is beyond terrified as she stands to lose the one thing that gave her hope for a better future.

She knows that she can pull through her physical and psychological difficulties, if only someone would stand by her. But with her father and sister occupied with their own struggles in another state, she has no family she can lean on. Her only options are to turn to Brad, a ruthless lawyer mainly concerned with dollar signs, or Owen, a kind doctor with a jealous and spiteful long-term girlfriend.

With or without help from the frustrating men in her life, Carmen will have to find the strength inside herself to carry on. She must make one final journey to say goodbye to her husband once and for all, and lay the past to rest forever.

But when Carmen uncovers startling information about what really led to her husband's death, everything changes...

The second book in the End of Eternity series.

"A Shade Of Vampire" By Bella Forrest

My Thoughts

A lot of the reviews and blurbs for this compare this book to Twilight. It's a vampire romance novel written for teenagers about teenagers, so it's definitely similar. The difference is, the vampires in this novel aren't sparkly, they aren't nice, and they're not "vegetarian" vampires. They love drinking human blood.

They're vicious. They're murderers. They have a giant kidnapping ring going out where they steal teenage girls and keep themselves (and their captives) safe on an online that is impenetrable by the outside world.

I am a fan of young adult novels, even though most of the novels I read were written for adults. So I really enjoyed this novel. I do think people who enjoyed the Twilight series will probably enjoy it. And I hope to read more of Bella Forrest's novels in the future.

Although I kind of hope one day we find out what happened to the "family" she left behind. (They weren't really her blood related family, but they might as well have adopted her.) Even though I'm intrigued by what is happening with the royal vampire family in this book, I'm also a bit curious about what happened to the people she left behind. I wonder if they are worried about her and what they would think if they knew where she was now.


With over 5 million copies sold in the series, A Shade of Vampire will transport fans of Twilight, The Mortal Instruments and The Vampire Diaries to a world unlike any other...

On the evening of Sofia Claremont's seventeenth birthday, she is sucked into a nightmare from which she cannot wake. A quiet evening walk along a beach brings her face to face with a dangerous pale creature that craves much more than her blood.

She is kidnapped to The Shade, an enchanted island where the sun is eternally forbidden to shine. An island uncharted by any map and ruled by the most powerful vampire coven on the planet. She wakes here as a slave, a captive in chains.

Sofia's life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn when she is selected out of hundreds of girls to take up residence in the tree-top harem of Derek Novak, the dark royal prince.

Despite his addiction to power and obsessive thirst for her blood, Sofia soon realizes that the safest place on the island is within his quarters, and she must do all within her power to win him over if she is to survive even one more night.

Will she succeed? Or is she destined to the same fate that all other girls have met at the hands of the Novaks?

Purchase On Amazon


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    • Kara Skinner profile image

      Kara Skinner 

      16 months ago from Maine

      Clarity 2 and End of Eternity 2 both look really good. I'm not sure about the last book, though. Twilight aside, I've read some pretty mediocre young adult books about vampires that have made me wary of them in general. But the fact that the vampires in this are actually mean make it promising.


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