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Now I understand why there are so many homosexual

Updated on April 6, 2013
What is much talked about within every age, race and culture is Love. A man goes out there and acquires a wife not because he wants a wife but because he loves a woman then decide to spend the rest of his life with her. This was my dream and Perpetual was its fulfillment. She was the best woman any man can dream of but like they say; “One man one machete”.

There was no lie in her, everything about her was pure and I loved her, I loved her so much that I was ready to lay my life for her to live, she owned me and I gave it to her. Her beauty overruled my instincts. A lot of people who knew us tagged it spell or love cast as it is called in my own culture but there was nothing like spell, charm, love cast or whatsoever; it was natural love for a natural beauty.

She controls my finance and as far as I know, she keeps accurate record of the company’s finance. You see, I am a busy man, always on the move to meet up with business, my business takes me away from my natural country and my major business interests are scattered all over the country so in my absence, she become my eyes and ears.

17th of August, 16:47pm.

She dropped me off at the airport with the driver and had to leave immediately to represent me in a forum so could not wait for my flight to take off, one hour after they left, we were notified that the flight was cancelled, rescheduled for the next day due to weather condition in south Asia so I decided to go back home, knowing very well that the Love of my life would be sitting in the circle of top Business executives, I decided to board an airport taxi straight home. I got home and went straight into the living room but approaching my room sent waves into my brain, the groaning was unpleasant.

17th of August, 18: 20pm.

I opened my room door and saw my driver bullying my wife to be on my bed. Gaddem! In my own house, my own room, my own bed and my own lady! "Wonders shall never end".

The shock was much as the duos hampered for cover and after about 15minutes,the explanation and confession began but there was nothing to change my decision after all the damage has been done and I have one policy; “Don’t do it if you will later apologize”. This was how we broke up and she went her way, half a million dollars missing from the company’s account but whatever be the case, she missed the greatest opportunity of her life. ‘A woman I trusted’. As of my driver, he spent the next seven months in an orthopedic hospital because I had him jumped from the fourth floor or bullets from my barrel will lodge inside his brain.

February 2001

I managed to put my life together then six months later I met my wife and married her. Monica actually healed my broken heart then our first child arrived; Johnson. He was the light of my world, the meaning of my hard work. The joy which drives the arrival of a first child got him a private jet at birth, he was my prince and in him my foundation is built.

12th of October, 1:00pm

I was in a business meeting with Executives of Fiat and Jaguar then my PA rushed in and notified me that my son was taken to the hospital after suffering seizure, that news was enough to stop a presidential election so the meeting was put on a hold as I rushed to the hospital. There were conflicting reports upon my arrival, ‘he is dead’, ‘doctors are battling to save him’. Anyway, I was directed to the OPD and as I walked in, I saw my wife buried in tears. Finally the doctor came out and notified us that everything was under control but the baby needed blood.

How, why, what sort of seizure, what is the ailment? These questions were pondering inside me but first the blood, so I immediately asked them to take the blood from me.

12th of October, 2:15pm

Another blow to my belittle heart; my blood was not a match. Anyway this particular issue brought up others. “How can my blood not match that of my son?” I questioned.

Five days later.
17th of October.

Johnson passed on two days ago there was suspicion by my mother that he wasn’t actually mine but that I ruled out. I walked into the hospital with Monica to see Dr Idris Kauhaku and the time was 9:00am that was exactly the hour my heart shattered. DNA result proved that Johnson is not my son. She was two weeks pregnant when I met her. Why is Love cruel to me? Why is it that the good ones suffer the most? Why is there more deceit around Love? Why me; I was crying that my heart was broken then she came in and shattered my broken heart into pieces.

How do I pick up these pieces as she walk away just like Perpetual? Will I ever love again? Will I ever allow to be used by a woman again? Now I understand why there are so many homosexual; God, you gave me wealth, everything a man could dream of but reserved my perfect match. How do I live without the true affection of a woman? Where is the wife of my youth? “For this reason, a man leaves his father’s house and cleave unto his wife and the two shall become one” Fallacy!

Treachery is everywhere but he who finds a good woman, finds favor in the sight of his maker.


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      5 years ago from Nigeria

      Hey! thanks mate for coming over,will be at your end in few mins...

    • Isaac White profile image


      5 years ago from Welcome to my beautiful world, where magic is no longer a myth.

      I'm sorry for the loss. good read. keep up the good work.

      I. White


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