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Now Just Where Did I Put That Hub?

Updated on March 26, 2015

So just where did I put that hub? I asked myself. I couldn't answer for a while because the answer was the same as where I had put my keys last, my identification badge, my access key card to work, my son's school journal, etc. I had no idea.

I have always been pretty good at misplacing things and I usually find the things that I misplace; however, some things that I have misplaced over the years are a bit harder to locate than others. One of those misplaced things is my love for writing. I haven't sat down to write creatively in God only knows when and I miss the writer trance that happens when my mind opens up and my fingers find the keyboard. In fact, it's been so long that even typing right now feels more like a homework assignment than what I feel it to be which is reaching out for a writing community who can perhaps help me locate my writing passion. I am new here and so far this feels like a beautiful, supportive, safe, and slightly scary place to start. I appreciate your help in advance Hubbers!


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