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Now...Look at Gilchrist (on the Bolivar Pennisula)

Updated on November 26, 2012

To Life on the Other Side of the Storm...

Now…Look at Gilchrist

Out across the Bolivar Peninsula we traveled…

Only to see where many folks’ dreams had become unraveled.

The devastation that I saw while driving…on my left…and on my right…

Makes me wonder how anything survived when “Ike” made landfall…on that night.

I came prepared to see the worse…or perhaps even greater…

But nothing could prepare me for what I saw…Nothing left…but a crater!

A four foot gape was all that was left where our ol’ beachhouse use to be…

The whole dang street was gone…even many foundations…were carried out to sea.

Faggards Road…and Alicia behind it…Are Gone…from the beach to the highway…

My Dad had a feeling this could happen…but I never thought we’d live to see this day.

I looked as hard as I could for a remnant of remains…and I think I may have found…

Two pea-gravel stepping stones from the end of our stairwell…I found buried and upside down.

From that point on…a tangled mess of things…was in splotches…all around…

Was made-up of unidentifiable pieces and debris…most was ½ buried in the ground.

The whole town was gone…as I looked out further…across the land…

Only a few peers could be seen…a few old bricks…no vegetation…just sand.

In the back…of where the town once was…at least a mile or two…far away…

I could see a few houses that had survived…there in the distance…by the bay.

Back towards where the town was…even though it’s hard to tell where that was before…

There was a place that baked fresh cinnamon bread…now gone…part of the corner store.

We drove around that small town twice…navigating by one surviving street sign (Odem),

I never thought about how hard the old place would be to find…

With out several familiar beach houses standing up in a line…

Now…they only exist in rows in the image of my mind.

Gilchrist, Texas…you’re gone…and what a shame…without a trace.

Gilchrist…I know you’ll grow back…but not in the same image of that place.

Rollover Pass…which hung in there…the fishermen have all come back to you…

R.V. trailers moved back into lots…where there were lots…after the storm came through.

I tell you…though I braced myself ahead of time…I was shocked by all I saw that day…

I knew this part of the beach was fragile…just never believed it would be blown away!

There’ll never be houses like ours…between the highway and the water ever again…

Unless…someone wants to build a house…and see it vanish…in the next strong wind.

Reality is…our wonderful beachhouse…that my parents loved…and regrettably sold…

Will…only remain in our memories…and in a few stories like this…that are told.

............In Memory of those that perished during Hurricane Ike.............

(From thoughts drifting around in my mind after viewing Gilchrist on June 14, 2009. Hurricane Ike hit Gilchrist, Texas, on the Bolivar Peninsula, on September 13, 2008. Poem written in Tribute to Gilchrist on June 17, 2009. God Bless All on the Peninsula...God Bless Gilchrist!)

 Copyright © 2009

The Aftermath of the Hurricane...Where is Gilchrist?
The Aftermath of the Hurricane...Where is Gilchrist?
Ground Zero at Gilchrist
Ground Zero at Gilchrist
Rollover Pass at Gilchrist
Rollover Pass at Gilchrist


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