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Now That's Mellow

Updated on November 27, 2011

Now that's mellow - an expression of my personal perspective.

As mellow as an intoxicated fellow

dozing in the sun, oblivious the

day has already begun. As

mellow as the calm before the

storm, like a silent ghetto fronts

a territorial violent form. As

mellow the winter night, when

a subtle breeze kisses your cheek

in twenty degrees. As mellow as a

a hot bath where steam creates a

refreshing path. As mellow as a

graceful dancer who lives each move with shifted hips and heightened toes. As

mellow as spectators with pierced eyes and perched souls sit through silent

shows. As mellow as love professed over time and space is a shared keep

sake. As mellow as distant lovers reciting poems through quiet storms to keep

love awake. As mellow as the tranquility of a lovely landscape where buds

bloom to illuminate life. As mellow as Christmas Eve when believers dismiss

the hype. As mellow as a serenade of silent nights, holy lights and

ornaments reveal a reflection of Christ. As mellow as a warm soul, a heartfelt

gift or a joy filled squeeze. As mellow as the secret place for prayer with heads

bowed and bended knees. As mellow as a glorified whiff of the holy breeze.

Now that's mellow; that's mellow to me!


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