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Now i know-Poetry

Updated on December 6, 2014

Another one Me: Poetry

Only Jesus will love me the way i wish to be loved.

Only Jesus will carry me through the barricades of drastic life changes,Tell me if you lost trust in me,i thought you would die with me, Am a young man dirty with unforgiving sins help me find my way am blind.

Only my family

Only my family will trust me the way i wish to be trusted,Only me...Will know what i want with my life.

There was love but love died with seconds and minutes,hours and days.It has become hard to find fair trust,Lovers have taken their own path,it has become difficult to notice if love exist in reality,all the loving hearts dwell comfortable in cruelty.

Trust is lost like a needle in the desert sands few remained true aftermath...Lord let love rule indeed and in truth...Amen


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