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Number 4217

Updated on March 16, 2010

Letter from the prison.

Patricia, i know that i have not been there for you but it wasn’t my fault, your mother must have told you so many strange things about me but daughter, i am your father and i know that you are the only one who will understand me, whatever time it take or whenever you see this mail, always remember that i am the best father.

I loved your mother and we wanted to marry each other but somehow i found myself at the right place at the wrong time so the whole thing that followed afterward opened the gate of prison for me. It was an injustice and your mother knew it but she eventually abandoned me and eloped with Tim.

She brought you to me. You were cute and beautiful, just at three months yet you smiled like an Angel. That was the first and last time i saw you, 18th Nov 1979.Your birth uplifted me and made my twenty years imprisonment look like twenty minutes imprisonment, you brought joy into my shattered world but your mother took it all away.

I heard about your mother after ten years in jail and was also told that you were doing fine so when i got out of jail, i tried to contact your mother, all i wanted was you and nothing else but she tried to keep you away, Tim helped her conspire to blackmail me as a kidnapper knowing fully well that i already have a bad record.”EX CON”.

My dear, i did not pull the trigger that day, Tim brought out the pistol to shoot me but i overpowered him and the bullet that killed him was forced out of the pistol during our struggle. I know that everyone has despised me but as i wait for my execution, Patricia my daughter, i wish to let you know this and it is from the bottom of my broken heart.


It wasn’t my fault-I never did it
I was only protecting him
He shot the cop, he was young and selfish
I served fifteen years out of twenty

No one cared about me, my truth was a lie to them
Tim was set free and i suffered
He shot the cops, he was young and selfish
An injustice because i was poor

As you read this my beloved
As you try to figure out why
As you try to believe me
I would have been a good father
And would have given you the best

My heart is on this sheet and my blood is the ink
Become my Justice o become my light
Shine o Daughter, my love will always be with you

The injustice against me and my blood will guide you
Until we meet to part no more, remember this injustice
And do not forget number 4217.

After reading from my father for the first time, i felt the connection between us and realized that he was not the devil Mom told me he was, i arranged a lawyer for him, seeing him through the prison glass and hearing his voice over the mic changed my whole vision of him, I felt my father’s heart and saw the shepherd in his face.

He was retried and found not guilty for Tim’s murder.Thanks to the two witnesses who boldly came out and testified against Tim. Dad was innocent, he didn’t fire a shot and don’t even know how to operate a gun.

He was awarded five million US dollars in damages. With me in the center of the scenario, Dad forgave Mom without an apology, he gave me the five million dollars.

Dream come true

You see no matter what happens,what will be will be.
You see no matter what happens,what will be will be.

One big family,

After their wedding,

we lived happily

Watched the money grow.

Dad later died of cancer

He was 63 years and i still remember

His prison number 4217.

It is just one big family


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 7 years ago from Biafra

      Bro Micky,was in your hub this morning and after going through the falsely imprisoned,i said up! like i had you in mind while writing 4217,no it is not a true story but if i am not wrong, it might reflect someone somewhere.Thanks bro.

      _Cheryl_, thank you so much for stopping by,and i must be fair that there are so many cases out there similar to this.

    • _cheryl_ profile image

      _cheryl_ 7 years ago from California

      Touching story, makes you think about how many cases that are out there just like this one? You're right, in some cases no matter what happens, what will be will be.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      Very nice story. Is this a true story? It sounds like it is. Great writing regardless. It's true for someone. Thank you Rossimobis!