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O Mother

Updated on April 5, 2013

Beauty extracts from every pore of her skin
But her heart extracts guilt of our sins
Speaking the words of heaven
Speaking melodious in my haven
Shame flies off when your presence is around
In your bosom love of immense amount
Eyes so hollow
That I get lost when digging deep into your soul
Mother, life is a cloud of disappointments
When we're living in a shell of no air buh vehement
Even when the soulless hollow man cheats
Mother, you're a different breed of human beings
O mother, you bleed like me
When the folly is mine and I deceive
When I look at you among the crowds
I wish I could make you proud

Mother, we lost it all and it's amazing
A bunch of years and we're still falling
I wish to be an ensouled embryo again
So inside I would feel your pain
At times I might despise you
But, forever I love you
In this world if we don't get to fit in
Then, heavens are made for people like us to live in
Someday when you fall into your deep sleep
Promise me you'll wait for me
Where can we go from here?
Don't leave me alone in here
O where do we go from here?


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    • benashiraz profile image

      Bena 5 years ago from Nowhere

      oh thank you so much (:

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 5 years ago from Reno NV

      This an incredible write. Thank you for sharing. Jamie