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O krishna O Allah waiting for my letter to read

Updated on May 17, 2017

My letter

I know you are aware that I’ve lost somewhere

Please take me to home

Dear Waheguru and Jesus

I know you are listening to me

Please give me strength since I’ve fallen so weak

Unlike humans I thank you for not dividing your contract

Otherwise it would have been difficult for me – that whom to appeal for what

I know you won’t forget me the way I forgot to take prasads and offerings in temple and bedsheet in mosque

But I’m acquainted that you added bonus of blessings in my account for donating a sheet as well as a maakhan to a homeless

Having so many facets and Avatars

How I feel everyone’s voice attain to the same place I wonder!

Dear Jesus

Your followers are confusing me since by how I will be cursed if I won’t come and light up a candle

And after lighting a beggared house

How at the same time that guy claimed that you would do anything to keep me happy

Tired from special Pooja on Thursday

Checked in for Jumma on Friday

Walked every path of yours but couldn’t find you

Are you upset with me for taking wine?

Please talk to Christian’s department for giving approval to make church in the same way of Mandir and Masjid

Give me an another chance to prove myself from Roza and Pooja

Though manuscripts Qurans Geeta Bible and Guru Granth Sahib reads different languages

But the supreme disappoints when he see any heart crying in the deep night

Having a peacock feather or loving a pigeon doesn’t gives my identity proof

Somewhere in between dividing lakes, oceans, countries and religions

Pandit is proud of his temple; Priest is seizing rights over Church

Maulana is flaunting his proprietorship over Mosque

And humanity has lost

When I’ll be deceased

I’ll implore to you

“Were You Able To Identify From Above Which One Was Me Among So Many Tiny Heads Covered in Burkhas and Gunghats in Haj, Temple and Gurudwara ?”

If division was your justice Krishna, then I demand another sun, wind, rain and seasons for my non hindu neighbors to fondle our cheeks

Does Allah ensures immortal life or Jesus guarantees less pain in injuries?

Let’s divide lakes and oceans

But not colors

Not only because I support Hindus, I wear Saffron but for the enthusiasm it conveys

Not only because I favor Muslims, I wear

Green but for the harmony it provides

After all how can we forget that the color of blood flowing in Hindu, Sikh, Muslim or Christian’s veins is still RED.


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