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Let me be met with her again....

Updated on November 4, 2014

May God enable it,

any weather may be,

which will bring her,

very close to me,

I have not seen her,

for long period of a day,

it seems that an era,

has been passed away.

I can't imagine,

what has happened to me,

I want to be totally blind,

from the very first time,

just after when I saw her,

and also I have no desire,

to see anything of the world,

for a simple reason,

she will remain,

in my eyes forever.

I feel her beauty,

in my whole body,

I feel her movement,

very close to me,

and her footsteps,

every moment,

may be heared,

in my ears.

I feel,

nature's unique fragrance,

blowing from her long hair,

when I felt it,

at the first time,

always passing,

through my nose.

I feel myself,

be enlightened,

with the lovely,

grace of her face,

shining every moment,

in my heart,

It appears to me,

and as I do know,

the light of my life,

will be converted in dark,

when I will feel,

the enlightening power,

of the grace of her face,

coming to an end.

I feel the unbearable,

thirst of her love,

I feel the appetite,

for seeing her again,

but I know that,

the factor of time,

and the game of the nature,


turn it is to become,

as most difficult incident,

of being her in front of me,

and also being her,

exclusively for me, in future.


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  • Jo_Goldsmith11 profile image

    Jo_Goldsmith11 6 years ago

    A very beautiful poem! I love it. I love how nicely it flows and you feel yourself carried in the wind. :) Awesome and beautiful! I shared on facebook! :) take care