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Updated on July 23, 2015

She was born on the beat of Rock 'n' Roll

A Fifties girl from her Heart to her Soul

Rock 'n' Roll was Salvation

Music created for her generation

Rock 'n' Roll got her dreaming of

Hip-swivelling men with slicked backed hair

Lips that curled and eyes that stared

Into your Soul

The kind of men you didn't take home!

Rock 'n' Roll gave us Buddy, Chuck and Elvis

The pied pipers of the pelvis

They made us scream until we cried

And helped to keep our dreams alive

Rock 'n' Roll challenged the young

To live their Life and have some fun

Rock 'n' Roll seemed to say

"Stop dressing like your mum and acting like your dad

It isn't you and it looks so sad!"

Rock 'n' Roll was Life in musical form

Doing more good than a preacher with a

Holy Book

Because it made people happy

Even in death, Buddy makes people happy!

And when a man's still in his skin

Afraid to Live and let Love in

Something's got to go

'Cos it ain't Rock 'n' Roll!

© 2015 Betty Janet Davis


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