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Updated on June 15, 2012

Saving Miz Molly


In the Hurley Woods lived many animals large and small

Each had a role to play in the animal community.

The King of the Hurley Woods was ‘Ol Digah,

A super large King Snake doing good deeds.

‘Ol Digah was the protector of the forest,

Small animals, birds, and other species.

‘Ol Digah, was large, very large for

a snake, but especially large for a King Snake.

He was a good snake and a defender against

Intruders bent on doing harm in the Hurley Woods.

‘Ol Digah heard the commotion and the screaming birds.

They were fleeing toward him with great alarm.

He wondered what caused this great fear in his friends.

Then he saw it, slithering over a rise.

A very large silver colored snake with a narrow

Head, long body and an odd formation at the end of its tail.

Silver snake touched his tail to a tall young tree,

There was a sizzle like something frying.

The tree turned brown and fell to the ground.

Silver snake looked proud of what he had done.

Miz Molly, the Easter Bunny, came down the trail.

Silver snake hid in some bushes waiting for her.

‘Ol Digah knew he had to do something fast

Or his friend Molly would be fried like that tree.

‘Ol Digah raised his head and body in the air

Weaving very fast as he set out to save Miz Molly.

Miz Molly saw ‘Ol Digah coming very fast.

There must be something wrong, so she stopped.

Silver snake waited patiently for Miz Molly

To come closer so he could kill her with his electric tail.

Silver snake thought, why isn’t she coming down the trail?

He stuck his head out of the bushes and then he knew.

A big black snake was racing down the path toward him.

He must get Miz Molly before that other snake got there.

‘Ol Digah thought how to beat this snake with the electric tail.

He must take Silver snake in a way to prevent shock.

Silver snake lunged into the path and started for Miz Molly.

Miz Molly froze in her tracks she was too scared to move.

Silver snake forgot about ‘Ol Digah as he got near Miz Molly.

He got ready to roll up like a wheel and zap Miz Molly with his tail.

Just as Silver snake arched his back to begin his roll

‘Ol Digah grabbed him in the middle of his spine,

Breaking Silver snake’s back, making him unable to move.

‘Ol Digah let go of Silver snake’s back and sank his fangs

Into Silver snake’s throat, killing him on the spot.

“Are you okay Miz Molly”, asked ‘Ol Digah.

“Thank you, Thank you, ‘Ol Digah you saved my life.

I must go now and tell Brer Rabbit how you saved me.”

Miz Molly turned and hopped very fast to find Brer Rabbit.

‘Ol Digah headed for the creek to get a drink of water.


Author’s Note: ‘Ol Digah was a character my father created for

adventure stories he told us boys almost every night as

we were growing up. This story is my own creation using

my dad’s character.


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