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Updated on July 2, 2016

On the feathers of Lucifer’s fall

They ascend fast

To glove slap the Eternal Craftsman

In His own backyard

They ascend with glittering wooden crowns

And cloaks of velvet

A tapestry of human flesh

They challenge the Great Unseen

With the boxer’s lose tongue

And the wrestler’s masking looks

Megalomaniacs they are

Wearing self imputed knighthoods

And compete to outdo one and the other

In the size and length of names

Their temples are filled with shrunken bodiless souls

Scourged with a spiritual strike

A choice made for them by the fat collared ones

Who rob the streets of heaven of cobblestone

Who pinch holes in the shrunken purses

And where the last pesewa trickles out

Demand a pound of flesh

These bodiless souls worship in awe

The jeweled deities before them

Blinded from the The-Great-I-Am

By a jeweled tongue

The sons of Midas forget

That gold melts where the fire burns hottest


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