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One Meeting With Myself

Updated on November 26, 2019
Naincy Sharma profile image

This is all about a journey where you find yourself, explore the real you. find your strength, ability and much more.

A journey to find yourself.
A journey to find yourself. | Source

I was depressed for many days because the day was getting close when would I have to attend a Query Interaction session for clearing LC Test. Before that, I wanted to go for a break to fresh up my mind. So I planned a trip with my circle to go for a hills trip to Manali. I heard that traveling is a good way to get away from stress. as discussed I was ready with my bags for an outing. but then I got a call that the trip has been canceled and I was like why? They told, there is a personal issue in one of them so just go back to your home.

I sit there for one hour and decided to go alone on my trip. I had to need a break. And Here it all started!!!

So I made a plan to go the first Manali and yes I got ready to go, I caught a bus from Delhi Kashmiri gate.

Yeah, I was excited as this was the first time for me to go solo trip. I wear my earphones, enjoying the slow driving then suddenly bus stops, one beautiful girl came to me and asked. could I sit here please, {as nobody was sitting next to me }I said ya sure! Suddenly she said Hiii! , I replied hello Without wasting a second she started to introduce herself so meanwhile I also did the same and guess what her intro was similar to mine so I was attracted to her conversations. She was continuously talking about her life and I was enjoying her every little talk.

She was a little talkative, little irritating but still I was listing her with all ears, meanwhile, maybe somewhere I was also enjoying her chitchat. Her wearied chitchat was enough to make me laugh. She told me about her past experiences where she did lots of mistakes. But the interesting part was that I was thinking of how lucky is she even she has a story about her life however with failed goals or bad experiences at least she has something to share.

This was the first trip which was I enjoying twice better than with my friends' company.

Feeling inside: it's not that bad to come along for a trip.

Slowly I also started open myself and started talking about my current problems with her and you would not believe it but actually, I was getting clarities on my thoughts later which was helping me to take up my biggest challenging decision.

I was feeling happy after so long time. I had no idea that it will be such as easy to get away from these problems for which I was in depression, man! Like really it was all happening like wonder for me. Just two hours ago I was deeply sad to think about my upcoming situations and this was a moment where my soul was freaking enjoying, flying like a bird in an open sky. There was something magical at that moment for me.

Time was passing and we were just talking then suddenly she stands up and got sit to the front of my next where a boy was already sitting alone, seems sad, while I was thinking why did she go to him? I took a move, shift to my next and started listing their conversations.

She asked him can we talk if you don't mind

He said ya what do you want to talk.

Later what did she said to him was also a surprising moment for me. I would tell you why, but for that, you need to know all the conversations. {which would surprise you also}

She: You look sad, you could tell your problems to me, trust me I am not gonna share all these with anyone. However, it may work for you, after all, it's a good idea to shit alone!

He: smiled:} Not a bad idea

I was in a dilemma where I had to choose my responsibilities or my happiness. I can't share anything else about this. It's more personal you know! ,

She: ya okay!

Let's play a game

He: Are you serious just one minute ago you said that tell me your problems and when I did, you wanna play?

She: Cool man! Maybe you will get your answer although the game is also fun!

He: You crazy! Ok

She: I will give you twice the option but you have to choose one, ok..?????

He: Ok

She: Ok.. Food or Water?

He: What's rubbish both ya'll

She: Choose one

He: No I can't both are equally important for living.

She: So how may you divide yourself in these two values!

He: Didn't Understand, what you meant?

She: These two things are in you. Why you trying to separate them, find your happiness way in your responsibilities rather than separating them. Sometimes choosing one is not a solution even keeping all is a solution.

He: Smiled :} You are right all are in you!

It's over to 10 hours and I am reached, trying to put my bags down from the bus.

He came to me! Thanks!!!


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