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Updated on December 26, 2013

You do not know your readers

It is difficult to have the confidence to publish your ideas, when you are not sure of your target readers. When you do not know how your readers think and what they would want to hear. Mostly you find yourself struggling with so many ideas or even trying to fit all your ideas into one article, not sure of which one your readers may agree to. You work around the content not only to understand the topic but also to understand your readers and come up with a perfectly readable content that will suit the taste of your readers. You want to test the waters before jumping into it.

When you know your readers, writing arranging your ideas becomes easy for you. You always gain the confidence to publish to your audience. Understand that it is not just the immediate online article community that will read your content but also people from external search engines will searching with related keywords to read your ideas. You can view other writers on the directory as part of your teammates or colleagues, whose suggestions and comments are to help you improve your skills and develop your ideas well.

Know your readers

Knowing your readers will help you to use the appropriate keyword density that would ease readability of your content. It should also help you discuss your ideas in a way that makes sense to your readers.

Imagine your reading audience as friends

In giving a public speech, you lose confidence anytime you have to face the crowed. You feel nervous because you are under so much pressure to do your best. You simply think you cannot afford to make a mistake. You get to think more about your inadequacies than your speech that you are unable to speak at all. Breaking the audience down into friendly individuals who are there to listen to you and even help you give a good speech will help you attain confidence to speak. The same way in writing, if you break the reading audience down to friends, it will become easy for you to publish your content. You should know that these individuals have their own minds and they are not connected. Each will have their views about the content.

Break audience down to one person

Imagining yourself writing for a big reading audience of experts will make you feel small and less confident in writing or publishing your ideas. You might be under pressure to use big words to impress and rather make your content even difficult to understand.

Remember that you are writing for an individual to read. This will give you enough confidence to write and publish. Imagining yourself writing for an individual helps to break the audience down to one person so you can discuss your ideas confidently as if talking directly to just one person. This can be compared to giving a public speech. It is more difficult to talk to an audience or a crowed in front of you than to talk to an individual. With a crowed, your fear of making a mistake increases and you are unable to speak your mind. Breaking the large audience down to an individual or knowing that your content would be read by individuals would help to ease your conscience to make you publish.

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