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Updated on September 19, 2015


My thoughts are like those of a mad mans

I go into an energy of silence

Like silence after thunder

Where a homeless wind in various light

Knowingly measures loss

I dissolve into a trance

All the sounds of the moment

Fall on my confessions

Something died this instant

Loss returns as vacant eyes with mixtures of dew and dust

I toiled all my life for my failures

Punishment is deserved

Each moment takes a morsel of loss

God withholds curses

He is without revenge

I retrieved this memory, it will dissipate

Was it worth it to fail?

Yes..., I got God

But who brought the tears?

My liquor fails

I can't chain thoughts nor bend the mind

To dispell truth

Nor by tithes paid to hell

Words of dust from other worlds

Motion without progression

Mixed equally they please the mind

My feeble spirit stays out of sight

Only reason I'm alive is breath

All things rest on thought

With trappings of truth

Which convict the mind

Makes me conscious of doing what's right

Otherwise tragedy is inevitable

As a flower that withers and fades

Carrying its own demise

My eyes have their own light and their own dew

But God will help me make it

Through the storms


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