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Obama is a Serial Killer

Updated on April 23, 2011

Why isn't the lamestram media covering this

Why hasn't Obama come out and denied the charges I'm, just this second, making? Why has he continued to ignore my very recent claim? It's been literally ten whole seconds since I typed that first line. This president is manipulating the American people into not questioning his facade of a well educated decent man. Is this not enough proof that behind the genial, cerebral exterior he is almost certainly a depraved sexual sadist who stalks college coeds in the night before disabling them with a frenzied blitz attack and committing abominations with their corpses? Wake up sheeple!

Now I'm not questioning the mans intelligence. Planning a brutal string of murders requires careful planning and a certain amount of mental dexterity to bring said plan to fruition. All I'm saying is that he abducts hitchhikers and derives a sick sexual thrill from wearing their skin.


Has it not been positively proven that his push for Health Care reform was just another cunning plan to lure supple young women into an inescapable trap that can only end in a lust murder so gruesome it defies description? And yet the liberal establishment refuses to acknowledge that our commander in chief is a depraved monster, feasting on the flower of American womanhood to satisfy his monstrous craving for erotic death sex!

You want proof? Oh I'll show you proof!

But I digress.

Obama is fooling us all. By re-electing this vile beast all you're doing is turning the entire country into an elaborate torture chamber for the sexual gratification of the spawn of Ted Bundy and Hitler.

Also have I mentioned Muslim!

I call on all Americans to write to congress and end the reign of terror brought on by histories greatest devourer of human souls. Barack Hussein Dahmer Obama.

author takes no responsibility for any outrageous claims. proof is for liberals and homosexual communist turtle lovers


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    • Randy Godwin profile image

      Randy Godwin 6 years ago from Southern Georgia

      HA! You know of course, some will take this satire seriously, Daniel! LOL! Scary ain't it!

    • DanielBing1 profile image

      DanielBing1 6 years ago from New Hampshire

      Oh my god! And maybe Obama IS a horse! Maybe he's going to use the American public as his 'oat bag' and pass us through his digestive system of 'fascism'.

    • turgeo2004 profile image

      turgeo2004 6 years ago from Amarillo tx

      did you know that the name Barack "which is obamas first name" is also the name of the Horse Mohammed the prophet rode into heaven? maybe islam will use Barack the president as a horse to ride into America and take it over. it is very bad indeed to have him in the white house.