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Obamacare in San Francisco Poem

Updated on December 1, 2013


This poem is about the Affordable Care Act and San Francisco. Although I am a supporter for "Obamacare", I am not a supporter for people losing their healthcare coverage because of it. Thousands of San Francisco residents will lose their free or low cost county wide healthcare coverage because it does not meet Obamacare requirements. In a city that is already too expensive to live in, this puts an even tighter strain on family budgets. Residents are already moving from the city because they cannot afford it. Losing their city healthcare plan and having to pay for Obamacare makes it much worse.


Obamacare in San Francisco

Obama, Obama I know you mean well,

but your Affordable Healthcare Act is giving me hell.

I'm sweating, trying to figure it out, it's making me smell,

I wish I was a hermit crab so I could hide in my shell.

Obama, Obama we don't need your care!

Why would you want to take our city resident rights, why would you dare?

We already receive free Healthy San Francisco, it's simply not fair!

I don't need to pay into your health plan, you don't seem to care!


You have stolen money from me to help pay for a silly health plan,

I really don't need your high cost health insurance, I am a healthy 31 year old man!

Why would you take away my healthcare that's already free?

Are you just crazy or have had one too many martinis?

Obama, Obama, please leave San Francisco residents alone.

This is my city, my free healthcare, I pay taxes and this is not your home!

Couldn't you see we are already provided for in case we break a bone?

If you couldn't see this you should have used one of your military drones!


Obama, Obama, I don't understand,

Why you don't feel compassion for the average working man.

You have stolen money out of my pay check, put me in a jam.

Maybe I'll start acting like Fred Flintstone and pay for everything in clams!

Obama, Obama, you think this is fair,

While you sit back in the White House in your comfortable chair?

You think you are offering health plans that simply can't compare,

How the hell would you know, you have a Government job and receive free healthcare!

Would you like to lose your free healthcare and pay for Obamacare?

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ObamaCare Sticker Shock in SF Bay Area: 107% Price Jump!

© 2013 Fritz Isaacs


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