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Where is Oblivion?

Updated on January 30, 2013
Oscarlites profile image

Writing Poetry has filled a large portion of my life beginning with childhood. Writing is a creative venue and lifelong enjoyment for me.


Oblivion concludes itself as

a space that is gone,

A substance that is no longer;

and a string with no end.

It is a chain with no links.

A walk in space

With nowhere to go

and no objective to pursue,

Its a lost direction, making no sense.

And beyond all borders,

it has no description to give.

Is there a place where nothing matters,

Nothing at all?

I think not, no missing links,

Not even messed up molecules;

Nor absolute loss of substance,

and no terrifying voids.

Unless one can say that without love,

Without compassion, and

without tenderness, without life,

or heaven; that is oblivion?

Knowing the opposite of love is hate,

Of compassion is anger,

Of tenderness is hardness,

Of life is death, of heaven is hell;

So where is oblivion?


May 5, 1999


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