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On poeming!

Updated on August 25, 2014

pen pick

The title 'author'

Haunting me of late,

Nibbled I my pen

To ink-pour the words

Loaded with thoughts and emotions

So as to recline the readers in their cushioned seats

With moments of joy, sorrow, anxiety, laughter,

And what not...

Sprayed in pages in abundance;

What joy could a writer get

Than to realize the same response of the readers

Reflected as when they were composed by the author?!

Obsessed with the term 'author'

Became I impassioned about

The right expressions with the right words

For the right response

For the reflections and the feelings recorded!

How smooth a journey, a voyage, a flight could be

With passing time

Flavouring letters into savouring words

To let the author's movements

For self-expression in art!


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