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Ocean Eyes - Searching for Heritage ... Sunny River's Poetry Challenge

Updated on June 6, 2018


I wrote this poem when I first heard of Sunny's poetry challenge a couple of weeks ago. I chose to use the words, "ocean eyes," in a poem, which was part of her poetry challenge.


At water’s edge, my widow’s call

Awaits the moon-tide’s distant fall.

In fluid ebbs that endless break,

I wandered thus for ages’ sake

To hear the voice of ancient man

In songs of when the world began;

I sensed the thousand Pilgrim cries

That shadowed me with ocean eyes

While searching for the cradle’s keep

Where secrets rest eternal deep;

Oh, fate, such longings summoned me

To pleasing, formless, boundless be

In running winds that swiftly bring

A soaring free on tempest wing!

Now, breathless, cast upon the shore

Beyond the swaying, lulling door

That whispers low in soft retreat…

‘Illusions are by nature sweet’ …

This drifting, shifting, tumbling blue

That shed my soul to wed anew.


From John Butler's 'Ocean' - 'Searching for Heritage'

Butler’s superb instrumental reminds me of the movements and driving force of the ocean; its strong, rhythmic tides, currents and diverse, colorful inhabitants. Sailing in a good wind…and all ocean creatures, great and small. Jellyfish twirl like ribbons; sea robins walk the ocean floor, while marlin and sailfish propel through the water at speeds of 50 to 60+ miles per hour with varying duration. We are taken on this journey -- as in life -- recalling memories we thought were forgotten, with the flow of all things, always moving, searching, heading somewhere, reconnecting to the soul.

'Ocean Eyes' Read by Mike Friedman of Mockingbird Books

Thank you, Mike, for this new video. This is beautiful!

The link to Mockingbird Books website: Hubpages: Mckbirdbks.


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