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October Rain (p2.)

Updated on August 7, 2012

The neighborhood slept quietly as the rain clouds turned into a raging storm. The moon was swept behind the dark storm clouds. All of moon’s white light that had illuminated the sleeping city below was extinguished by the sudden darkness. A fierce wind blew down from the north. It took away all the leaves that covered the lawns and streets. Heavy rain drops slammed onto the land, or were tossed about in the air by a strong gust of wind. Lighting arched throughout the night sky, lighting up the city for a brief second, and then falling back into the darkness. Thunderous crackling shook the land and the nearby seas still in a deep sleep tossed and turned as hellish nightmares tortured them from above. Even as the fearsome storm enveloped the sleeping town, nobody seemed to notice. It wasn’t until the witching hour had come that the storms slowly retreated into the ocean leaving behind a heavy fog. It pervaded throughout the city, slowly floating silently into every part of the city. When the fog had finally settled in, the city’s inhabitants had started to waken from their slumber. Like soldiers coming out of a bunker, they surveyed the land to see what damaged had been done. When they were satisfied that everything was okay, they began their daily routine. Some got ready to go to work, wanting to avoid the heavy traffic caused by the rain. Others prepared food for their children for the upcoming school day. Even thought the morning was slowly creeping upon the land, most people stayed in their beds due to the dense fog blocking out the early sunlight. Life seemed to be reemerging after hiding from the terrible storm. How ignorant people are. If only the innocent people of this tired city knew what was brewing against them on the other side, many would curse the day they were born.

The living room was dark when I opened my eyes, pitch black. The icy blackness seemed to make up the air itself, as if I was breathing it in. I suddenly became scared. The fact that I was breathing in something that seemed to be alive, and evil in a way disturbed me. I realized that I had other senses beside sight. I reached out to use them. The gentle breathing of my wife soon filled my ears with warmth and love. I could feel her; she was lying next to me, one arm over my chest while her warm legs were wrapped around mine. She laid her sweet head upon my shoulder. Even though I couldn’t see the expression on her face, I have a strong feeling that she was smiling. She was at peace, and that was strong enough to overcome my fear of the darkness.

I stuck my hand out of the blankets. The air was cold, and I couldn’t see my hands. I moved my hand slowly back and forth. The blackness felt thick and heavy. It took more effort to move my hand back and forth than I had expected. Even though everything was completely dark, one thing stood out the most. From where the door stood, one spot was much darker. It startled me. The large dark spot just hovered in the same spot. Not moving with the flow of air, but almost as if it was resisting it. I just starred at it for a long time. The fear hit me before I knew what I was starring at. It was a man. Or I think it was a man. I threw my hand up against the wall, and flipped the light switch. I looked back at the spot. Nothing was there. Just the welcoming mat my wife bought when we first lived in this house.

“Is everything okay?” My wife had emerged from the blankets and was now starring at me.

“You look scared, what’s going on?” She put her soft warm hand on my face and started to slowly stroke my cheeks. I smiled back at her.

“Oh it’s nothing; I was just about to get up.” She gave me a stern look. Emma knew I was afraid of the dark, and that was the reason for me being so tense.

I threw the blankets off of me and stood up from the sofa. It was much colder than I had anticipated. I guess that’s because I’d forgotten to turn the thermostat on before going to bed. Besides, I wasn’t wearing any socks or pants, just boxer shorts with a tropical design on them with a white T-shirt.

“Did you sleep well sweetie?” Emma rose from the sofa, slowly putting on her socks and then putting on her pink robe.

“Of course I did. With you next to me, why wouldn’t I sleep well?” She swiftly jumped out from the sofa and wrapped her arms around me.

“I’m glad you’re back from your week long journalism conference. I hate being by myself for so long with nothing to do. It’s just makes me depressed when I’m alone. All I have here is my U.M.R.F research paper and the cat. I don’t have anyone else.” She grabbed me a bit harder and her breathing became heavier. She took in a deep breath and continued talking.

“Just promise me that you won’t leave me this weekend. Please promise me that.” She looked up at me. Her beautiful mahogany eyes contained a hint of sadness. Her pink lips had formed a frown that stretched across her now white skin. I put my arms around her waist and brought her even closer to me.

“I promise I won’t leave you this weekend for anything.” She starred into my eyes. We just stood there for what seemed like a long time until she kissed me. Her lips were so cold, but I didn’t mind. It still felt wonderful.

“I tell you what,” I said, “I’m cancelling my entire interviews this week. We’ll just hang out here. See a movie, and maybe get something to eat…”

“Come back to bed,” she interrupted me, “and I promise I’ll make it work your time.” I grabbed my hands and walked me back to the sofa. She lay down on the sofa gently rubbing her hand back and forth on the couch, suggesting to me to join her. She pulled the blanket over us and kissed my lips. I fell into a deep swoon of love.

The weather has been strangely unusual for this season. Already late into the autumn season, a dense fog seems to be covering most of the United States. It stretches from Kansas, down to Florida and up the east coast to Main. The fog is a result of the recent storm we had a few days ago. Meteorologist Sandy predicts that the fog will disappear by Friday of next week. It’s slowly making its way out of the U.S. and up to into Canada. Unfortunately, there have been numerous accidents. There have been reported over fifty car collisions in the state of New York since the fog first emerged out of the storm three days ago. Of the fifty, two men have died thirty-four year old Javier Sanchez and twenty-five year old Brandon Sanchez. Both brothers were riding in the same car when a car driving on the wrong side of traffic hit the bothers head on sending them off the road. Javier was thrown from the car and his little brother died instantly. The other driver was able to escape the wreckage with minor cuts and bruises. Javier was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors worked hard to save his life. Unfortunately, Javier’s condition was too severe and later died that day. A private memorial service for the two brothers will be held later this week. Strangely enough this week, there have been reported an alarming amount of attacks throughout the plain and eastern states. Victims complained about being…”

I turned off the television. I couldn’t stand hearing about any more bad news today. I didn’t want anything to spoil my mood and what was to be my perfect day with Emma. We haven’t spent much time together this past month. I’ve been over in Washington interviewing War Veterans and helping them push for better health benefits this past week. Emma had been in Florida interviewing various doctors and specialists in the U.M.F.R research project. We had finally got the chance to be together this whole week. I wanted nothing to ruin it.

I was sitting in our small kitchen starring outside a window showing our small neighborhood. The dense fog was still out there. I couldn’t see anything really. All of the nearby houses were enveloped in the fog. Sometimes a car would brave the murkiness and miraculously find its way down the road. I didn’t like the fog very much. It was too similar to darkness. Emma was picking up two slices of bread and spreading apple jelly on them. She hummed a joyful tune which obviously expressed her state of mind. She suddenly spoke.

“Good thing you turned off that television. One more sad report and I would have gone insane.” Emma was making herself some breakfast.

“Yeah, strange how this fog has stayed here for so long. It’s been three days since it first arrived here.” Emma didn’t respond. She was making herself toasted bread covered in apple jelly. She picked up her cup of coffee and took as seat next to me.

She took a bite into her toasted bread. “Oh my god, this is so good. You have to try some.” She handed over the bread to me. I bit into it. It tasted so good. The apple jelly had cinnamon in it.

“Oh, this is good. Where did you get it from?” I took her coffee and stole a sip. It tasted of ice coffee, her favorite.

“You thief, that’s mine!” She smiled at me as she took the coffee cup back.

“So,” I asked, “what are we going to do today? I’ve cancelled everything today just to be with you. I have all of this week to spend with you.” She took a sip from her coffee.

“Well that’s good. I have the whole day planned out. First, I’m going to take a nice steaming bath before we head out. Then, we go see our old lodge cabin, hang out there for the rest of the day. Maybe do a little bit of fishing. A hike would be wonderful and with a nice picnic at the end of the day as we watch the sunset would be fantastic.” She closed her eyes and leaned her head onto my shoulder.

“Well hurry up. It’s almost eight in the morning and we need to get out before nine.” Emma opened her eyes.

“Yeah, I’m going upstairs now; I’ll be ready in thirty minutes honey.” She took one last sip of her coffee and a bit out of her bread before leaving. Of course, she gave me a small peck on my cheek.

She swiftly moved out of the kitchen and up the stairs. I could barely hear her light footsteps going up the stairs and making a right turn into our master bathroom before slamming the door behind her.

A picked up her plate and coffee both still warm, and move towards the sink. I began cleaning them. The silence was broken by a loud screeching sound coming from outside.

“A car probably almost hit a tree or something. Close one…” I said to myself. I put the clean dishes into the cupboard. I was about the head into the living room when the phone rang. I picked up the phone.

“Hello this is the Mr. Valentine.” No response. I could hear a heavy breathing from the other side.

“Excuse me, who am I speaking to? Again no response, but the breathing started to get heavier and heavier.

“If this is a prank call, I’m calling the cops.” A sinister laughter screeched from the phone. A deep broken voice spoke.

“How unlucky your wife... She will be the cause of your…..and many other….. Nobody will be spared…” Anger swelled up in me. My ears started to ring and my heart beat raced inside of me. The thought of anyone hurting my wife painfully teased me.

“Don’t you even dare to!” I yelled into the phone.”I swear by all that is good that if you touch my wife I’ll make sure you never see the light of day again.” No response. I still heard his breathing. He started to laugh.

“Never….the light of day….? That has already ….” A piercing high pitched sound rang from the phone deafening me. I dropped the phone and fell to the ground. I was dizzy and disoriented. Drool escaped my mouth. I felt a warm liquid trickled down my chin. I lay on the ground for what seemed to be a very long time. The pain slowly started to go away, but the voice didn’t.

“How unlucky your wife…, Never…the light of day…” What was the meaning of that? How did he know I had a wife? I picked myself up from the ground slowly. Indeed I was bleeding from the ears. I heard the water being turned off from the bathroom. Emma would be out soon. I didn’t want her to see me like his. If she did, our entire day out would be ruined. I hurriedly stumbled to the sink and put water over my ears and face. I could hear her now; she was making her way down the stairs. She entered the kitchen.

What are you doing,” she said with a joyous chuckle. “I find you practically in the sink bathing yourself. Your so silly.” She walked towards me. Her smile quickly disappeared.

Is that blood on your shirt?”

“No, no it’s a,” I stuttered “it’s was an accident. I cut my thumb while making myself something. I wiped the blood onto my shirt.” I my story was full proof, but my face told a different story.

“Let me see your thumb. Let me fix it for you.” She approached me, but I quickly turned away and started to make my way towards the living room.

“No, it’s okay. I’ll just get a band-aid from the first aid kit. I’ll be down. I have to get ready anyways.” She looked at me with a curious stare. Emma knew something went wrong, but she also knew when to leave things alone.

“Okay then, I’m going back into the bathroom to get completely ready. I’ll be done by eight-twenty.”

I nodded to her in agreement and slowly walked up the stairs. I made my way towards our room. I entered the door. It was very clean. The elegant purple king size bed was made including all the pillows that go along with it. On the sides of the room were drawers and on top of them were various perfumes and jewelry boxes, all belonging to Emma. I kept all my personal stuff in the garage shed behind the house. Only one thing I hid from Emma. I made my way into the room and into our closet. I pushed aside the lavish fur coats and sweaters until I came across a large metal box. An enormous metal pad lock kept anyone unwelcome from getting into it. Fortunately, I kept the key on me all the time. I exited the closet first, I didn’t want Emma walking in on me and discovering the box. I closed the master bed room door and locked it. I brought the box onto the bed. The key I had was an unusual one. It wasn’t slender like most keys are. It was a “V” shaped key. The box and the things inside were given to me by my grandfather before he passed away. It was one of the many gifts he gave to me and Emma as a wedding present. Only this one he told me to keep as a secret unless I need to use it for emergencies only.


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    • Mr Archer profile image

      Mr Archer 5 years ago from Missouri

      Nice twist! Can't wait to see where you're taking us!

    • ThatFatGuy profile image

      ThatFatGuy 5 years ago from Here and there

      Thank you very much. I did read your ghost story, it is very interesting. It says you are from Bulgaria. Is English your first language?

    • mystorys profile image

      Christiyan 5 years ago

      I like it!Can i ask you to take a look at mine story and say your view?Thanks and keep going!