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Ode To An August Day

Updated on February 24, 2010

On this day
many years ago
I climbed my first tree..
knees skinned and
fresh hot summer breeze
blowing my locks of
auburn curls in my face
a smile so wide
and proud it hurt.....

on top of the world....

never dreaming someday
I would be

down to earth
and much more aged
looking back up
to the top of

that same tree

and wishing

I could be
feeling it's bark...
which was

so much less
worse than

the bite
of these

older years



In the winter of my eighteenth year
I was trained to kill in a variety
of heartless, efficient ways.

I came home on leave at Christmas,
to celebrate the birth of a savior
who granted eternal life.

I went back to ploy my trade,
on pagans worshipping a false god.



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