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Ode to Soulful Self-Offering by Manatita

Updated on November 12, 2016
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Oh intimate Friend, Thou God

Of sleepless and ceaseless giving;

Peerless amongst virtues.

One billion mothers cound not match,

Thy sweetest sacrifice for the Higher Cause.

Thou lotus-petalled Daughter of immortal bliss,

How sweet is Thine embrace:

Thy loving call to offer all

For the glory of His name.

Oh Beloved, even stone-cold hearts stir in Thy presence,

Drawn by Thy immeasurable sanctity and purity.

Abide with me, oh noble One,

Sit on my lap, and be

A guaranteed escort to my eternal home.

Utilise this mortal frame to quell my forest-fires,

And drown the sorrows of Mother Earth.

Tearing away lovingly their darkness-veil,

And revealing Your ever-transcending beauty.

Rumi and giving

A sleepless self-giver

Do you feel the need or necessity to give?

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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      How do you come up with a phrase like "lotus-petalled Daughter?" I stand in awe of your poetic ability. Thanks for sharing.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 4 years ago from london

      My 'Sweetest',

      I come from the Keats school. Besides, as mentioned in my book, Sri Chinmoy is a Master of imagery and metaphors. I learnt from him. I am receptive to intuition. I feel within.

      The lotus is used a lot in spiritual circles. It might be worth finding out why and write a hub on it, or ask as a question. I guess it is because it is a classic example of equanimity. It remains undisturbed even in severe times. Finally, it goes without saying that I really appreciate your input.

    • Globetrekkermel profile image

      Globetrekkermel 4 years ago from CALIFORNIA

      Your poems are incredible! They shoot right through the heart! .... This is how born and gifted poets think.This poem particularly endears me because I have been a follower of Mother Theresa since way back when. You absolutely did a fantastic job on this one!!!! more power to you!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 4 years ago from london

      Thank You. I follow you too. A truly remarkable heart. Much love.

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