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Ode To The Ear.

Updated on January 16, 2010


Ode to the ear!


Curlicues of flesh that beckons
tongues to leave a wet trail there.

Question marks when dangling earrings
pierce the lobe, with vertical lines.

A shell to hear emotions roar,
when one whispers in "I Love You!"

Handles that help guide the lips
to passionate embraces.

Wiggling when she smiles real wide,
while playing peek-a-boo
underneath her long blonde hair.

At least until her long locks
lay fanned out on the pillow
and those fleshy nubs become niblets.

Ears it appears, like bellybuttons
are one of God's humorous afterthoughts.

Many different quick finger squiggles
on the side of each babies head,
and then a bending of each flange
to whisper "Go and be good," in.

Then he adds a gentle poke in the belly
for each infant to remember their mom forever by.

Cup both hands behind
the lower portion of each ear
and listen with amazement
to the amplifying
of all the world around you.

one of five sense,
created in a most haphazard way
and yet lovely to behold
when all of nature is heard.







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