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Ode of a Cabbie

Updated on September 16, 2012

An average day's experience in the life of a cabbie... (I'm not a poet, folks... and I know it)

Ode of a Cabbie

What does a cabbie go through all day, you may think.

Is it all fun and games or does it drive you to drink?

How to put the answers in a way that is funny,

As I sit in my cab, waiting, trying to make money.

Round ‘n round, first we must go.

Inside and outside our cabs must glow.

To show our bosses we’re ready for the day.

Our circle check must read A-Okay.

Mileage and fares we must indicate, starting fresh with a clean slate.

Ending our day with a hoped-for payment rate.

Tips maybe one in five will give, but it’s more like one in seven.

If it were more like three in seven, my gosh, wouldn’t that be heaven?

Screaming eagle dispatchers or those mimicking Brando and Dylan

Send you off on fares that could be fulfillin’.

Every cab company arriving same time, same address,

Makes sure every cabbie goes through some undue stress.

Defective radios, cabs with failing parts,

You’re never assured of positive day starts.

Visa, Mastercard, Debit we take,

If that darned debit machine stays ‘awake’.

Payments in coin, unwrapped and not the correct amount,

Tossed in your direction as the passenger jumps out.

People who hand you a fiver and say they never pay more than that

Are quick to insist they’ve been given a ‘’flat’’.

Smoking, vomiting, and drug deals/use in back

Abuses and robbery – these are things we should lack.

Never judge a runner by how they look,

From grubbies to 3 piece suits, off they will book!

Being scooped by other companies and sometimes your own,

Discourages you thoroughly and makes you groan.

Loading and unloading walkers, wheelchairs, groceries and more,

Your handy cabbie takes you door to door.

Being a cabbie is harsh work

In case you wonder why your cabbie’s a jerk.

Even though this job can be bad, there are good moments to be had

A passenger who is sad, I will try to make glad.


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    • CakeyCakey profile image

      CakeyCakey 5 years ago

      This was a really engaging read, and offered some insight to me about how it looks from "the inside looking out". I am astonished about the tip ratio referred to... that stinks. We all do our best to do our jobs, and provide great service, and for people to not acknowledge that is really weak. Nice post.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      You are very welcome and I love your attitude! :)

    • totallyPATTI profile image

      Patricia-Ann Morrison 5 years ago from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

      and TY for the compliment on the poem!

    • totallyPATTI profile image

      Patricia-Ann Morrison 5 years ago from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

      Hi Billybuc! Yes, I am a cabbie - for a little over tw0 years now. It can be dangerous. I've been assaulted - both verbally and physically. I've had 'runners' (people who bolt the cab at a stop close to their supposed destination so they don't pay), and I've had people that I've had to pay their fare (some I've done willingly, others not so much). It's a very interesting and trying job. We don't get wages or benefits - just a portion of what is brought in on our trip sheets. and not a big portion. Some days are good and some not so good (my lowest 'take' for a 12-hr shift was $16.). Still, it is much better than sitting on my butt and having other tax-payers pay my way through social assistance. I can pay for myself, thank you.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I'm sorry....I follow so many people....are you really a cabbie? Isn't that dangerous? I've read in the big cities how this can be a pretty dangerous job? Sheez, I'm impressed if you really are one; loved the poem!