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Ode to Brooke

Updated on July 23, 2011

A quarter past three

Four knotted pine walls


Always a sincere laugh

Always a gentle smile

A warm memory in spiritless night

I wish we again could talk awhile

It was so sad to hear

I would never see you again

only a brilliant memory of what could have been

Your hour came way to soon

the tender age of 22

They called it cancer

I called it hell

You my confidant

My lover

My well

I still see your immortal smile

as my dusty boots continue the long mile

I pray you made it to sturdy Heaven.....



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  • Grammagill profile image

    Grammagill 5 years ago from Florida

    Writing poetry helps me heal my soul, and hope it does the same for you. I like your style, keep writing.

    Have a Blessed Day.

  • Moms-Secret profile image

    Lissette 6 years ago from Central Florida

    This is truly beautiful. The artwork is gorgeous, where did you get it?

    Your Brooke was very young and I know, while I have great faith, the 'she is in a better place' doesn't heal the hurt initially.

    Many Blessings.