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Ode to Dianne

Updated on April 28, 2017

A Goodbye Ode to My Childhood Friend

Dedicated to a girl who lived next door, who played in my crib, who's mind I could later read because we were so in tune. To a friend I later lost sadly and to whose touch remains on my soul as a mark.

Born before me, not long off
You came onto thee, crib and cloth
Blissed my life the highest paradise
A friend, a godsend, in a world so-ever wise

We chimed together
Played in bad hailing weather
Sang tunes--we flutes
Down sunrises of surprises, came two skinny lutes

We created stores from leaves galore
Till the old Callahan swore some more
Our pastry shop comprised of mud pies
Was lined along a stone-walled rise

Gave way to scolding war cries!

Tis to this child who never expected,
Just collected my words, ideas and joy
Who listened, played, and gave
Her last promised toy

To a girl whose spirit flew on my wings
Over an eternal shore
It was fat and skinny and a pillow race
And two sillies running sore

We ran, we rhymed, and laced beyond
A world between folds of pages
Our voices like puppets belted out tunes
On porches transformed into stages

Under starry skies we’d lay,
Summer’s rays we’d buy
Down the hill on skates came I
With Dianne by my side

Off around sewers, up and down like queens
Through bushes on bikes along sidewalks
We threw rocks from trees
Then climbed some roofs on scraped up sleeves
Breaking bones jumping from swings

We collected catepillars in jars
Pouring them on the front porch stair
Watched hundreds crawl about
While her mum took to prayer

Solidly we owned a bank
Aired the room until it stank
Pleased the moon, rubbed wet paint
Never slept too soon, too blessed to faint

Letter by letter exchanged each day
Marked the time we rose away
Till I filled a garbage bag full
Till that bag was given up, fool

To this day we are no scene
We are no match, no wave to read
No ear to hear, no pulse being fed
No whisper for a shadow’s walk being shed

So I salute you my dearest friend
Who left with me these memories fine
Memories that held me and molded me
All of this time


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