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Ode to Kat

Updated on February 27, 2012

Ode to Kat

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Ode to Kat

Where would I begin to decribe my sweet Kat?

To pull down the stars would be easier than that.

Hair colored like chestnuts cascades past her waist,

And her lips pomegranates men would die to taste.

Like the finest of silk is her skin alabaster,

Just one touch of her hand doth make my heart beat faster.

With the face of an angel she smiles at me,

The kindness in her eyes is a thing of beauty.

O, those eyes! Deep, rich chocolaty orbs to behold,

When they gaze into mine, 'tis worth far more than gold.

Though too modest to say so, it's clear she is wise.

And the love that's within her doth make her my prize.

A beautiful wild mare that approaches your heart,

And pure folly 'twould be trying to break her, she'd part.

She's witty and funny, her smile lights up my day,

Like the sunrise puts forth its most glorious ray.

With a fondness for sunsets and cool autumn nights,

My sweet cherub's laughter brings untold delights.

To me she is hope, goodness personified,

And when my life ends, I hope she's by my side.


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