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Ode to Thoroughbreds

Updated on November 18, 2011

Turfing Thoroughbreds

image by Softeis at Galopp Reim, Munich Germany
image by Softeis at Galopp Reim, Munich Germany | Source

Ode to Thoroughbreds

Running, pounding horse hoofs in the distant green.

Can somebody tell me how the equines get their sheen?

Their coats wet with sweat as they muscle over the turf.

It is the sport of Kings, they say, as the horses run cuttingly over the grass.

Breathing heavily, chasing heavenly, and competing mightily as the hoof divots spray over the course.

Graceful hues of grey, roan, brown, and chestnut bearing down closer to the finish.

Sixty percent of the purse will go to the winner.

The also-rans will get their share of the change.

Two dollar fortunes won and lost in the racing game.

Love of the thoroughbred brings us here.


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