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Ode to the Living God

Updated on October 10, 2013

The Bible is only the starting point for gleaning praise to the Lord. Things like praise and prayer journals, hymns, worship songs, pastoral and nature scenes depicted through paintings and photography, or motion pictures and plays, can raise believers to new heights. All it takes is being still and feeling God's presence surrounding us.

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Many artists created visuals of what we have used to shape our understanding of God, including Michelangelo's painting of the Sistene Chapel, Leonardo da Vinci's painting of the scene between Jesus and his Disciples in The Last Supper, or many of the faith-filled works in Thomas Kinkade's collection.

But perhaps some of the oldest known non-Biblical literature made to motivate and help us reflect comes from the works of writers like Charles M. Sheldon, C.S. Lewis, Arthur Maxwell, Dante, and a host of other inspired minds. It serves us well to read these books as a means of further understanding Biblical texts and concepts, and most importantly - the trinity's characteristics. If we profess to believe, we must know WHO and WHAT that is!

They say music can soothe the savage beast, and it also can enrich and inspire the Christian mind. Throughout the ages, talents such as classical composers Bach, Beethoven, Brahm, Haydn, and Stravinsky, hymn writers Charles Wesley, Helen H. Lemmel, John Newton, and Frances Jane Crosby, and a slew of contemporary Christian artists from Christ Tomlin, to Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Sandi Patty, and more have all given us the means to express ourselves through praise and worship music at church services, events, and in our private devotional time with God.

Last, but not least, is the realm of acting. Through reenacting Biblical stories in plays, movies, and cartoons, Christians have also been able to connect with and relate to the characters. Veggie Tales has helped children learn values and Bible stories through skits and songs, while movies such as The Passion of Christ, The Hiding Place, and The 10 Commandments have led countless people of faith to pursue a more meaningful relationship with God.

A Thought to Ponder

God is more than Spirit,

He's alive.

He walks with us,

so that we are never alone.

Each time we call to Him,

He answers.

It may not be what we're looking for,

But it is always what we need.

He sends us people,


and instruction from the Bible.

Just when we need it most,

Wisdom from on high is at hand.

When we pray,

We draw closer to Him.

We begin to know Him better,

Like a dear friend.

He is also our Savior,

Jesus the Christ.

And through His precious gift of grace,

We are heirs of His kingdom forever!

~ poetry by Natasha L. Kohlhoff Polak ~


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