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Ode{s} to the Flowers -Two

Updated on September 22, 2013

Bright berries of the Mountain -Ash



This is the second in the series Ode{s} to the Flowers, where I share with you a collection of poems dedicated to the flowers. They are taken from various sources and from various poets, indeed some of them are from writers unknown. However, the words are as beautiful today as the day they were written. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did Collating them --Enjoy!!!!

To the Shrubbery

" I like a shrubbery too, it looks so fresh,;

And then there is some variety about it.

In spring, the Lilac, then the Snowball flower,

And Laburnum, with its golden strings,

Waving in the wind; and when the autumn comes,

The bright red berries of the Mountain- Ash,

With pines enough, in winter, to look green,

And show that something lives "

Spring time flowers

" Fair -handed spring unbosoms every grace;

Throws out the Snow-drop and the Crocus first;

The Daisy, Primrose, Violet darkly blue,

And Polyanthus of unnumbered dyes,

The yellow Wall -flower, stained with iron-brown,

And, lavish Stock that scents the garden round"



" Already now the Snow-drop dares appear,

The first pale blossom of the unripened year;

And Flora's breath, by some transforming power,

Had changed an icicle into a flower"


" The Snow-drop, who, in habit white and plain,

Comes on the herald,fair Flora's train"



Canada lily

Lily and her friends

" Have you seen but a bright Lily grow,

Before rude hands have touched it ?"

" Queen of the field, in white mantle drest,

The lovely Lily waved her curling crest"


" No gradual bloom in wanting; from the bud,

First borne of spring,to summer's murky tribes,

Nor Hyacinthe's of pure virgin white,

Low bent, and blushing inwards, nor Jonquilles,

Of potent fragrance, Nor Narcissus fair,

As or'e the fabled fountain hanging still"

{explanatory noted--Jonquilles were a species of daffodil.}

Garden Tulip--

" Then comes the Tulip race where beauty plays,

Her idle freaks; from family diffused

To family, as flies the father dust,

The varied colours run: and while they break

On the charmed eye,th' exulting florists marks,

With secret pride the wonders of his hand"

Familiar wild flowers
Familiar wild flowers

Ground ivy

Gorse or furze

"For Linnaeus

Knelt before it on the sod,

And for its beauty thanking God"

{explanatory note-Linnaeus who gave most of the the scientific name to species, was so overawed at the beauty of the bright yellow gorse flowers.}


" There from his rocky pulpit, I heard cry

The Stonecrop, see hoe loose to earth I grow,

And draw my juicy nurture from the sky:

So draw not thou, fond man, thy root too low,

But loosely clinging here,

From God's supernal sphere,

Draw life's unearthly food-catch heaven's undying glow"

{ Rev.R.W.Evans}


" And there upon the sod below,

Ground ivy's purple blossoms show,

Like helmet of crusader knight

It's anthers cross-like form of white"

{Bishop Mant}

" Enshrined within the tiny flowers,

That grow beside the path of life

Are simples blest with healing powers,

And germs with sweetest odour rife.

But he alone that stooping low,

Will stay with curious hand to cull,

Can all the many virtues know,

That dignity the beautiful"


Buttercups and daisies.

" Exhibit on thy dress whene'er they bloom,

The buttercup and the daisy. They will be

The types of heaven, and holier than the plumes

A hero wears, and hey will preach to thee

Of how the sun and showers drop favours ceaselessly .

" Away! the counterfeit shake off from thee;

And nature's gold and silver gather up,

Such as keeps innocent the child and bee,

And from which from heaven the angels have let drop-

The daisy, and her sister flower the buttercup"

{E H Burrington}

The Little celandine

" Ill befall the yellow flowers,

Children of the flaring hours:

Buttercups that will be seen,

Whether we will see or no;

Others, too, of loftier mien,

They have done as wordlings do,

Taking praise that should be thine,

Little humble Celandine:

" Profit of delight and mirth,

Scorned and slighted upon the earth!

Herald of a mighty band,

Of a joyous train ensuing,

Singing at my heart's command,

In the lanes my thoughts pursuing;

I will sing as doth behove

Hymns of praise of what I love"

{ William Wordsworth }

Lesser celandine

Folly's Flower { the Columbine }

" Then gather roses for the bride,

Twine them in her bright hair;

But ere the wreath be done-oh let,

The Columbine be there.

For rest thee sure that follies dwell,

In many a heart that loveth well.

" Gather thee laurels for the brow,

Of every prince of song;

For all to whom philosophy,

And wisdom do belong;

But ne're forget to intertwine

A flower or two of Columbine.

" Weave thee an armful of the plant,

Choosing the darkest flowers,

With what a wreath blood-dripped bring,

The devastating powers,

Of warrior, conqueror, or chief ;

Oh twine that full of Folly's leaf;

" And do ye ask me why this flower,

So fit for every brow !

Tell me but one where folly ne're,

Have dwelt, nor dwelleth now,

And I will then the laurel twine,

Unmingled with the columbine."

{ Twamly}



" See the merry Poppies, all amid the waving corn !

Peeping up with blushing face to meet the cheery morn

Here and there, and every where, their scarlet hue is seen,

Always dotting, spotting,blotting, or'e the surface green.

" Poppies! pretty poppies; to me you seem to sing:

'Tis not to my eye alone that pleasure true you bring;

In my ear I seem to hear, your gentle whisp'ring voice,

Softly crying, murm'ring, sighing, "Sons of men rejoice!"

" Sing on, sing on,brave flow'rs I lend a ready ear,

Chant high your tuneful melody, I'm all attent to hear;

And list'ners kind if your inclin'd the Poppies tale to learn

I'll tell it to you in language true, if not in 'words that burn'.

" Life is like a furrow'd field; I hear them softly say,

" Broadcast sown with cares and griefs, which spring up day by day;

'But ever there,' mid crops of care, some bright hued joy appears

' To teach you men to hope again, for smiles amid your tears'!"

{ unknown}


Billderafnordens flora
Billderafnordens flora


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    • D.A.L. profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Lancashire north west England


      Hello Devika ,once again I must thank you for being the first to visit . Just at the moment I am to busy writing for hubpages and keeping my web site up todate. {see profile page} But your kind words are noted and thank you for your encouragement. Best wishes to you.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Wow! Another one of your greater hubs so interesting and educational, are you planning to write a book on these topics? Sounds an idea, you will do well in sales. I often learn something new from your informative hubs. Your hubs are always so interesting and useful.


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