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Of Canada

Updated on July 21, 2011
Picture of teepees lined up during the Siksika Pow Wow held in Alberta, Canada
Picture of teepees lined up during the Siksika Pow Wow held in Alberta, Canada | Source

Canada, We Love You!

Written on July 1, 2011, Canada Day as a reflection on what Canada means to me.

You're not the land of my birth

But you have engrafted and moulded me

Into the person that I am today

I love your unassuming brilliance;

Your tolerance and acceptance are appealing

Oh Canada, I love you!

Your history is intriguing;

Your people are dynamic as diverse

From the aboriginal peoples to the explorers

To the immigrants who continue to arrive and settle

Swelling the mosaic as it expands and evolves

Oh Canada, we love you!

We are people from all over the world:

The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia/Oceania and Antarctica.

We bring our mores and norms and

Together we create new forms of being

Collectively we sing your praise;

Oh Canada, we love you!

To your seasons we must acclimatize;

The splendour of the snow capped mountains in Winter

Give way to gorgeous tulips and lilies in the Spring;

The gloriously luscious Maples, Spruces and Ashes in the Summer

To the magnificent colours of the leaves in the Fall.

Oh Canada, we love you!

Vast, dynamic, beautiful and expansive

Your land, waterways and forests rise to meet you.

Your exquisite beauty is beyond compare;

From the Maritimes to the Prairies to the Rocky Mountains

We sing your praise: Oh how magnificent!

Oh Canada, we love you!

Your architecture is so splendid;

It captures the attention of the world;

CN Tower, Confederation Bridge, Rideau Hall, St. Michael's Cathedral;

Inspired by the landscape and all that's truly Canadian;

You stand as beacons of ingenuity and pride.

Oh Canada, we love you!

Canada, we sing your praises in tongues as diverse as your trees and shrubs.

English, French. Mandarin, Italian, Punjabi and ninety five more.

Despite our differences, we feel at home.

Canada, we are proud to be your children;

Adapted and biological, we equally share your beauty.

We love you Canada eh!


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    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      FloraBreenRobinson, thanks for your visit and your comment. We should be proud to be citizens of such wonderful country. British Columbia is so beautiful; I love Lake Louise, The Stanley Park and the climate of BC. Next to Toronto, its the next city that I'd most like to live.

      Take care.

    • FloraBreenRobison profile image

      FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

      I have Canadians and Americans in my family so I was actually born in Pennsylvania, but moved here at 18 months and became a citizen. I love living her ein British Columbia.