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To Laydi Anis: Loving You

Updated on July 1, 2016

If loving you were wrong

I would never make it right

If it hurt to see you smile

I would brace for a life of pain

If the grace of your hand

Was the guillotine’s glee

I would submit

And be quick would plead

If loving you were the sun’s demise

Then the world shall abundantly hate

For the light of day

Shall be a dream and a curse

And I shall be damned for self

Can you see the third step’s tread?

For sight I need not a third

You are the unseen

For that I need just love

And love, just you

If loving you is pure and sweet and life

Then I shall live an eternity

If it were the infantile cry

To a laboured mother’s relief

Then I would be born again and again

To remember your eyes

As upon me your first sight glaze


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