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Of Mice and Men

Updated on May 30, 2014
Candy and his dog
Candy and his dog | Source


Basic Information:

Hi there I am Candy. There isn’t really much to say about an old lonely man like me. I work at a ranch in California and I don’t really got much to do there except work ever since I let one of my friends to put my dog down. It has been hard living without my dog but I know he is doin all right wherever he is. A side from my dog I am pretty good to get along with and I like making new friends. I got one hand that works fine though I plan on trying to retire soon to a nice piece of farmland that I’m working on purchasing.

Favorite Quote/Philosophy:

“Death is no more than passing from one room into another. But there's a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see. “

-Helen Keller


Basic Information:

For the basic information I choose to incorporate different qualities of Candy throughout the whole paragraph. I tried to describe how he looks like by using phrases like “old lonely man” and “I got one hand that works.” I hit the topic about how his dog meant a lot to him and how he is easy to get along with since he quickly became friends with George and Lennie. And lastly I wrote about how he is looking towards buying a “nice piece of farmland” because he was so dedicated to that idea ever since Lennie told him about it.

Favorite Quote/Philosophy:

The reason why I choose this quote from Helen Keller was because it really connects to how Candy felt about his dog’s death. His dog played a huge part in Candy’s life and when he died it seemed like Candy had a different outlook on death. What the quote is saying is that when something dies it is nothing more than just moving to “another room” yet for Helen Keller she sees it different. Because of how there has been death, she can see the perspective of that other room that she wasn’t able to see before. So for Candy with the death of his dog he can now see that he helped it by putting it out of its misery and at the same time help himself live on with his life.


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