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Of Relationships And Friendships Understanding Meaning of Words

Updated on May 8, 2015

Be prepared to change with the tide

Of things that matter in life, perhaps friendship is the most important relationship one could build. It is easy to waddle along when things are not complicated but when your waters get too deep, you start getting ideas about abandoning ship. Parenthood is important even if means donning an elusive mask until your little ones grow out of their childhood.

Drive the boat forward

Understand the meaning of bonds
Understand the meaning of bonds | Source

Getting oars to steer our ships

Get yourself some oars

Often you must gauge relationships with the barometer of caution and temper with a lot of understanding. These ships are not to be confused with others like kinship, fellowship and obviously authorship. Now why did that come up? Writing is a relationship building exercise. It begins with creation of ideas centered on a particular topic. When you present more questions, such as grabbing the attention of the reader creating a flow and leading to an inevitable conclusion, the reader takes sides. He or she either does not like it or simply adores the article you have written. You get yourself some oars.

Build bonds with time

You can see many things go in the ship. Friendship, an elusive quantum, like the boson particle, is often chased after and after it has been found, it is beaten to a pulp, left and right, into a strip so thin that it could tear if the wind increases slightly. After all, friendship is only a castaway in the island of relationship.

Of Writers and Readers

Writing books is tough

Authorship, in olden times was like a mast; the winds of daily routine used to drive the ship onto greater achievements, mainly because people considered writing an arduous task, if not downright demeaning. Naturally, the one or two who could and did write, made no bones of the fact that they were in charge of the ship, and if they did not like anyone or anything, it would be made to 'walk the plank'.

Stay – keep your distance

Fellowship and kinship mean the same thing. Both refer to the group of people you want to keep together but do not want to belong to. The meaning is stronger and more immediate in the first, while in the second you are relying solely on the word to keep the person at bay. Therefore, when you want a person, one who is presentable and reasonably sane to be in your circle you give him a fellowship. When you have doubts about the likes and ambitions of the other person, you seek a kinship with him. You identify people by common likes or dislikes, qualities and talents.

One after the other

Things are easier when you have someone to lead you
Things are easier when you have someone to lead you | Source

Keeping your place in the world today

A play of words – nominating to posts

Many of the other ships have also left these shores. While a chair on its own does not have a ship, if you add a man, then you have chairmanship. This is also pretty useful when there are a lot of people who do not know what to do and of course, you have lots of chairs. Just nominate a person for some good work and you have a new chairperson; same with secretaryship and it goes all the way down to peonship.

Of things past and binding with them

Speaking of ships brings one to currents and tides. Most of the seas that one sails on these days are 'failure-ships' of the past that have been abandoned in the middle of the high seas by their previous owners. One could amuse oneself studying these ships but beware of riding in them.

Of science and fables

A few more ships

  • Space ships and UFOs have been sighted frequently, but are in most cases, some secret mission conducted by the government that had been sighted by the common folk. One does not want to ride in them primarily because one never is invited.
  • One of the reason doctors do internship, is to determine the direction their ship is going. Many of them land on foreign shores and then change their citizenship. This brings me to the matter of hoods.

What is it with the hoods?

  • The most famous of them of course was Robin Hood. Parenthood and the entire family hoods closely followed him. Sisterhood and brotherhood somehow stood away from parenthood but nobody was deceived. Robin Hood's followers probably became aware of this through Friar Tuck, one assumes.
  • Hoods are of course different from ships, but one could wear a hood on a ship. As long as there is no clash of loyalties and their ship does not veer off the course because of the hood. It would be piracy.
  • Red Riding Hood obviously was lost in the forest and had to escape the big bad wolf. One can only assume that she went onto parenthood, after she boarded the 'friendship'.

To wind up our fantastic journey, remember that one need only look for the correct ship, and of course beware of the hoods.

So, when are you taking the trip?

In Summary

When cows go to the pasture, they follow each other. There is strictly no relationship unless one of them is in heat. Man has developed relationships whereby he borrows a few bucks till payday and then forgets all about it. This causes the relationship to grow and the second party now is obsessed with the first party. Ah, the beginnings of a new friendship. And thus gentlemen, society thrives.


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