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Man's True Palette

Updated on August 2, 2013
President Reagan shooting
President Reagan shooting | Source

The news that President Ronald Reagan was shot and nearly killed shocked me. I was astounded that someone had attempted to assassinate him, and my thoughts carried back to the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Probably no American citizen could think otherwise; it was still too raw in our guts, though decades had passed.

Later, when I read how Reagan expressed his humor about the incident from his hospital bed, I assessed the courage of this quiet-spoken man who gave us all, the country and the world, hope that he would pull through. And he did.

My poem was written out of that event and how I felt hearing about it. Now my hope is that people will read it not only to feel what I felt, but also to embrace the truth about Man: that how matter how different we seem, we all want Peace.

Mankind's True Palette

One artist breathes his dream

to paint more than he sees, and

Man's sight of each brush or blade stroke

colors his canvas victoriously;

Our flag unfurled with colors

sharp and wet like dew after rain,

reveals the Nature of Man: he has

deep feelings that are sharp and wet

like freshly spattered paint.

When bugle’s note is upon him,

no burden laid shall stand:

Man’s true palette is not drawn from guns

but from his honor; his true essence

is the courage of Peace.

Man’s colors never run.

©2006, 2013 by Ron Kule. All Rights Reserved.

Never Forget Honor
Never Forget Honor | Source


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