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Off The Coast Of Pleasure's Isle.

Updated on January 28, 2010


Off The Coast Of Pleasure's Isle.


There lies

such a tiny
little island
full of  wet flesh

native to that region 
and so hard
to navigate,
and land gently there.


One can

avidly explore it,

most all are welcome

with some reservations,

and some are

simply castaways

to surrounding

isles of loneliness.


One can use palms
to build a fire on it,
till a volcano arises
and erupts,
and one falls into
the fiery pit below.


Many savor

such sacrifice
floating up and down
on the vented steam
and silky lava
till they are

and float in 
a harbor of warmth
off the coast
of pleasure's isle.



It is always a gamble

to reach there

it takes a pair of dice

casting their lots


avoiding the

snake eyes

or crapping out

and hoping for the

sweetness of seven.






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