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Office Story

Updated on January 21, 2020

The Dream Starts

I opened my eyes. I was lying down on a green bed of grass. There were big trees intermittently positioned in the gigantic green pasture. It was the pleasant early morning rays of the sun touching softly on my body over the Levis jeans I was wearing and the top was a white T-shirt, my favourite.

The weather was at its best not too cold and a very comfortable warmth of the new Sun – I was at ease. The mind felt fresh and alert. The vision was clear. The visibility all around was crystal clear which is seen only in the photoshop edited digital prints. I was so happy and fulfilled that the question about the place and my being there did not cross my mind.

No one else was there and I was enjoying the silence of Nature. But I was not feeling alone. I felt everybody else are nearby and I can see them whenever I wish to. That is the kind of atmosphere I ever wanted to be in and here I am.

Into the Dream

The butterflies were flying busily from one flower to the other seeking nectar and they were happy and seemed to share their happiness between themselves. Yellow, blue, red, with spots, with lines; the colours were a treat to the eyes. Few butterflies were sticking to my body - 2 on my jeans, one on my left shoulder and another one perhaps was on my hairs that I could not see but could feel. They were not flying away as I moved and walked slowly. As if they are my friends.

The chirping of the birds was a treat to the ears. When you concentrate on them and try to hear them keenly you get to hear many more birds which were not audible in the beginning.

I could feel the soft grass beneath my feet as I discovered I was not wearing any shoes. People say walking barefoot on green grass improves eyesight. As I remembered this, I realized I was not wearing my spectacles either but the vision was crystal clear. My skin was glowing though the colour was the same as before – dark.

There was peace of mind.

Boss the Dream Breaker

“Five Minutes. Into my cabin with all the reports,” thundered the voice. My Boss has arrived. He is never late. It was late into the night; I had been preparing these reports. Reached office one and a half hours early only to arrange the reports and check if everything was correct. Just an exercise to reduce the number of mental assaults of my boss. Only hope the reports are in line and I have not done a 180 degree.

Obviously I was sleepy. More than that I was worn out. The day being Saturday I could only keep myself motivated thinking of the much-awaited Sunday when all the daydreams start and there is extra energy in me till Sunday afternoon to accomplish all my dreams. The above was one of my dreams. Such things can materialize only in dreams. Peace!

Then I realized I had actually fallen asleep and woke up only at the thunderous voice of my Boss. I cannot name him. I cannot be that stupid. I don’t want to get caught on this and get abused the rest of my life in this company. Quickly went to the toilet and released some of the pressure building up. Splashed some water on my face and eyes. Haah… Better now. Came back to my seat and drank some water. Our pantry boy fills the bottle with fresh water every morning. Refilling the bottle for the rest of the day is not in his scope. Its time. I cannot delay time, only myself.

Shattered & The Silver Lining

Opened the cabin door of my boss and greeted Good morning with a forceful smile. “Sleepy morning dear!” reciprocated Boss. I have no other alternative but to give another forceful pale smile. All the hard work went down the drain with that greeting.

I was standing like a creepy creature waiting for the sky to break upon me. There is no way I can run away. My legs were fixed. The Woodland shoes seemed to be heavy like the Army shoes. The pantry boy must have forgotten to turn on the AC. “he will also get the bashing of his life for this, I am not the only one,” I thought to myself. It was so hot, I was sweating.

But look at those flaps of the split AC. They are moving up and down. It’s not the heat outside but the heat inside me that is coming out as sweat. This man should go and join the terrorist group. That is the ideal place for these kinds. Boss was quickly scanning through the report. Seven minutes have passed. He has not told me to sit.

“OK. Could you not put these documents in a blue plastic file? Don’t tell me there wasn’t any.” I had opened my mouth to defend by saying that the plastic files were not available but swallowed my words. I said to myself, “I could have planned beforehand and told the Stores to get it procured for this particular day and for these particular reports. I need to be proactive to grow in life.”

The next line was like a soothing melody. “Tell my driver to put this file and my bag in the car. I need to go to a meeting. Probably it would take the whole day and would be difficult for me to return back to the office today.” I only said, “Yes Sir.” My heart was banging with joy. I opened the door of the cabin and came out. I felt a gush of fresh air – nothing but the AC. I ordered the pantry boy to serve me a cup of strong coffee. “On my table, Satish.”

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Debangshu Chatterjee


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