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Official Hub Poet

Updated on August 3, 2017

People often ask me where is the best place to start to read more of any author here?

I always recommend going to their main profile page, this way you can see all their articles and those they have chosen to showcase.

Drax Profile page

This was my very first Hub written 08/15/06 and in struggling for a name I thought go for it, hence Official Hub Poet :-)

Sigmund Freud said;

"..everywhere I go a poet has been there before me.."

An Editor reviewing my stuff recently said to me that all the poems I have here are blood and guts and I thought no... but then looking at this current list, maybe. There is the odd nice soft fluffy poem here also.

Hub Poet's Job description:

to contribute poems written about one or more of the following;-

a. the Hub & its environs
b. a relatively esoteric topic
c. political comment
d. love or something like it
e. something completely different :-)


Drax on Assignment

I'm the 3rd from the left or the 2nd from the left if you are standing behind us, you could even say I was in the middle if you just looked at us from the side....if you're looking at us from satellite  then I'm the one with the glove..
I'm the 3rd from the left or the 2nd from the left if you are standing behind us, you could even say I was in the middle if you just looked at us from the side....if you're looking at us from satellite then I'm the one with the glove..

delightful delicious Diabetes Diet

butterfly chicken breasts in a bikini

flying around the skillet

I spear them with toothpicks

weighed down with heavy bouillon

the davy jones locker for you lot

I tossed them in the water

boiling barbados water shimmering simmering

I poked them with a tender fork

and ate the toothpicks carefully

delightful delicious Diabetes Diet

Brainiac has this recipe for Chicken Breasts with Carrot and Zucchini Stuffing, it was the mention of the butterfly that did it.. just launched me on a flight of fancy... this sounds seriously tasty, no not the poem the chicken.

Background to this poem

On Goga's site in his profile he says;

Web-programmer. I am a really cool web-programmer. So, i has expireience in development of internet-trading systems with strong requirements for speed and reability. If you want to make a very stiong site - please mail me.

really cool web-programmer

I am a really cool web-programmer

i can't spell but what the hell

I am a really cool web-programmer

i has been hear the their and eferywhere

if ur sight needs reability

then me i will reabilly it four yu

i like bee make stiong site

I am a really cool web-programmer

Background to this poem

Chyna Doll is young & pregnant

She said;

..but the worse of it is when the baby is moving around inside and 'kicks' really hard which causes me to groan! :s Sometimes I wish this baby was out of me now!...

Baby to Chyna Doll

being a baby under construction is hard

this space it getting a little small

I want to escape to see the light and breath the air

meanwhile I'd like to hear some Rachmaninov

or momma, maybe Mozart too

I heard on the radio, though indistinct

classical music calms impatient babies mothers as well

I could float here safe and sound

relax and count the days

you and I could chill an hour

let me know

I might play piano

not football


see you soon



the hub poet gets connected

once upon a time i was a hub poet

i was really connected

Amazon were a big help to me

providing glorious inspiration...

well no not really

more like ad cash for the poor poet

picking probably the perfect pseudomyn

ratings rising pespiring pespiring

then sideswiped usb'd ko'd

as D-Link Netgear Iogear showed up

led by the infamous Putt Putt

anybody else but Putt Putt

the final insult

who wants to be a hub clown

that'll only bring a frown

hey folks this network's down


pan shot of sad hub poet limping off into the sunset


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    • Drax profile imageAUTHOR

      des donnelly 

      8 years ago from NYC....

      Hey jhamann... that is really great, I use poetry all the time myself to stay away from the parapet calling to me all the way down my years... keep those afternoons cheered man !!

    • jhamann profile image

      Jamie Lee Hamann 

      8 years ago from Reno NV

      Drax-Enjoyable to read, really cheered up my afternoon.

    • Drax profile imageAUTHOR

      des donnelly 

      9 years ago from NYC....

      thanks sligobay... so many options, so little time... better perhaps to sit by a turf fire catching smoke and drifting away.. good luck.. !!!

    • sligobay profile image


      9 years ago from east of the equator

      Rosco is right Drax. A Rhymne and time is not a crime.

      I love the witch photo, though, and your sense of humour is grand. Even Rap music has rhythmn and rhymne. How hard can it be if eminem can wrap? Name yourself after a candy bar, break out a harp and modernize Yeats, no translate Yeats for the Masses. Throw in some Irish and set the world on a turf fire. You are the MAX, Drax. Keep it reel with the trout of wisdom. Cheers.

    • Drax profile imageAUTHOR

      des donnelly 

      10 years ago from NYC....

      thanks very much Petra, nice of you to say so and I'm delighted you like them ...

    • Petra Vlah profile image

      Petra Vlah 

      10 years ago from Los Angeles

      You are the official Hub poet and I very much enjoy your poems.

      The "IF" poem is superb. Thank you

    • Drax profile imageAUTHOR

      des donnelly 

      11 years ago from NYC....

      and again Uriel, thanks for the nice comments... Drax..

    • Uriel profile image


      11 years ago from Lebanon

      lo man u always keep me laughing my gutts them all..y dont we share some poems later :D....take care and keep it insane and bloody :P

    • Drax profile imageAUTHOR

      des donnelly 

      12 years ago from NYC....

      thanks for this Rosco...

    • Rosco profile image


      12 years ago from Albertville

      Of course you know Sigmund Freud snorted enough Cocaine to kill a horse and spent his later life pining over another man instead of his wife. Why anyone would lie down on a couch and let a man like that know their deepest secrets is beyond me. A real shrink told me one time that I was depressed. I told her that I was not depressed and so she said that I was in denial also and I said, "But I've never been to Egypt". I got rid of more Quacks that way. And have you ever heard of a little thing called a rhyme scheme? You should try it some time and check out my only entry so far. Bloody Mornin' Woman under Songs and Poems.

    • Drax profile imageAUTHOR

      des donnelly 

      12 years ago from NYC....

      miahbell this is great - it is your poetry, no-one can really define what is and what is not poetry since it is such an individual thing, you should publish this on your hub pages....

      keep writing poetry and reading poetry since this is the only way to develop and grow...

      ciao drax...

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      Hi there, I do not think I made it into your qualification of poetry. I thought that instead I would comment on the time it takes for one to see and notice what is really beauty and what we truly behold just because we are told that it is beautiful. What do you think? My poem: Sought After

      Sought After

      Tries at fixing what was never broken.

      Trying so hard that it affixes itself into a method.

      Methodically and on instint,

      I become what you tore apart.

      Just to make it all up in your world,

      in pieces of your picture perfect -the meaning.

      To have all of it become to you so worthy of praise and attention,

      I blend in with your angels and stand out inapt.

      It cannot always be so becommingly beautiiful

      when one stands out as applied intent in mishaps gone unnoticed.

      There's worlds that I can only attain with my focus

      at attention.

      Wolds so far away from it all that enraptures your very mind.

      The lust

      The hunger

      The thirst

      The sight of you merging into I...everso breathless,

      even when I do not breathe you in.

      The delight in your eyes before you exhale a pleasure,

      The light it fades in order to focus your vision...silence.

      Measures of inaptitude held up for comparrison of lesser values you hold high.

      Highs that level a stood for moment in time,

      as tries.

      Only tries in your world that notices only

      the time it takes to recreate another time gone by.

      Seek to find

      when the time sees you

      in its' demise.

      Then, time flies by....

    • Drax profile imageAUTHOR

      des donnelly 

      13 years ago from NYC....

      Hey Goga ???????, I'm glad you like it...

    • Goga profile image


      13 years ago from Novosibirsk

      It's a mega creatiff ! Great thanks...

    • Drax profile imageAUTHOR

      des donnelly 

      13 years ago from NYC....

      Hey Goga

      no, I'm from Ireland...

    • Goga profile image


      13 years ago from Novosibirsk

      Robert Berns was a your compatriot/countryman?

    • Drax profile imageAUTHOR

      des donnelly 

      13 years ago from NYC....

      Hey Brainiac, thanks - my pleasure, all evening I was thinking about this recipe, must 'try' and make it... keep them coming !



    • profile image


      13 years ago

      Hmm... I thought the recipe looked tasty, but it sounds even better now. Thanks for the poem.


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