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Oh, Fatherland!

Updated on June 9, 2017

Oh, Fatherland!

Oh, Fatherland! Oh, Fatherland!
Your children's children are crying
In too much fear they're struggling;
For comfort they are longing.

Oh, Fatherland,
Look at the North at hand!
Your children's children seem to be fighting;
In guilt and anger, they're all raging.

They fight and kill,
They hurt and steal,
From those who'er in power
Down even who'er in the lower.

Look at the Central Father!
Your children's children seem to be quiet further.
But their hearts are like devouring fire
Of the revenge they desire.

Though they keep being silent,
But their eyes are violent
Like of the purge they want
That their minds do grant.

Look at the South as well!
Your children's children's ringing the bell
For help to cease the daring death
Among the most precious wealth;

Where innocents suffer
From combatting each other
Like they are not yours,
Like they're living in a curse!

Oh, Fatherland! Oh, Fatherland!
Calm the hearts of growing silhouette,
Spare the faith from capturing net,
And keep the hatred to forget.


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