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To My Mom

Updated on January 23, 2012

Don't Take Your Love To Town

Rock Rose by Eddy
Rock Rose by Eddy
Red Lily byEddy
Red Lily byEddy

Her Favorite Song----- Ruby...

This is a song that was released by Kenny Rogers in 1969 , and I remembered it because it was one of my mothers favorite songs. The reason that I remembered it was because of the lyrical poetry of the song. It has some touching and poignant lyrics.

Since it was released so long ago, most young people have never heard of this song unless they were Kenny Rodgers fans. Most songs of that era and even now start out as poetry and with a a little work end up as a hit song.

To add some perspective, my mother raised 9 children without my father who was a womanizer. He had left her when she was pregnant and would drift in and out of our lives.I had always wondered why she would like that song ,but only after I was older did I realize why. I put myself in her situation .

The song tells the story of a woman who goes out on her man and enjoys the favors of others. Having a man leave her at home pregnant and go enjoy the favors of other women was her perspective of that song.

She loved him with all her heart and never cheated on him although she had many chances, for my mother was a beautiful woman.

I think this is where my lyrical poetry of love, emotion, and heartache comes from, my Mothers feelings through me. ´╗┐

So Mom,The poem, the song and the flowers.

This is for you.

I Miss you !!!!!

Love, Michael´╗┐


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    • LChristiane profile image

      LChristiane 5 years ago from Florida

      Beautifully done, Michael. Funny, I wrote a hum for my mom, too! two years ago.