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Old Best Friends

Updated on January 2, 2014

Best Friends

Molly goes downstairs of her apartment building to take out the trash. While walking back she sees a guy with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes recognizing him on the spot. It was James. She has known him since middle school. She walked up to him to say hi and he said hi as well ecstatically. He gave her a hug while picking her up then dropping her. He asked how she was and she said she was good. She asked the same thing and he said that he’s been doing well as well. He told her that he was visiting his brother with his daughter. She saw his daughter Christine who was three and introduced herself to her. She was so cute and looked like him. He asked if she had any kids but she said not yet. He nodded and they hung out for the rest of the day like old times, talking about their teachers and eating cookies and ice cream at T.C.B.Y. He asked me why she doesn’t talk to him on Facebook that much and she told him that she’s been busy and doesn’t go on it that much. He shook his head and told her that when she gets a chance that they should talk more.


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