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Old English Metre Poem: Glorious Thanes

Updated on February 20, 2017
Victor Dorn profile image

V Ron Dorn is a Canadian writer with a Bachelor's in English and World Language Studies and a Master's in English and Creative Writing.


Solid standing thanes, stay by your lord

When winds bloodied and war-whipped call

And mountains mar skies, mightily raging

Against the gold gates of the Earth

When seas spew salted venom

As serpents are known to sometimes do

And days turn deadly, drowning the sun,

Then, in the thick, must thanes hold true

Never losing nerve nor losing heart

Even in the midst of evil combat -

Swords falling swiftly like silvered rain,

Pain purging the mind of poor courage

Blood blooming under bladed wrath -

Real men remain, not mere cravens,

But glorious thanes gore-givers to their king

Duty dictating death for honour’s love

Disgracing he who greets a green sun alone.


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    • Victor Dorn profile image

      V Ron Dorn 11 months ago from Canada

      Thanks, Paraglider!

    • Paraglider profile image

      Dave McClure 11 months ago from Kyle, Scotland

      Nice, the counterpoised, balanced line structure, with the alliterations.