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Old Man Winter, The Snow Maiden with Sounds of Music

Updated on January 31, 2015

Carrying gust of frigid frost, that is unbearable to tolerate, Old Man Winter barged right in, leaving one to think, does he really want to be welcomed for the new year 2015?

Handing everyone forcible coldness without affection. Shivers, shakes, mittens and hats could be seen across the lands, as he brushed each and everyone. Snow with ice, encompassed human range, showing his essence of effort, as each one would burst with sighs for the need to stay warm as he swirled along.

The cold night air held no joy. Nearby stood a building, holding a light, on the corner, at the streets ending. Glitter could be seen from the crystal of the icicles, that hung solid and stiff, from the window sills, as the light glowed over them. The beauty of this scene, made up for the joyless cold night air that Old Man Winter left behind.

Walking along down the street, past the street corner, the moonlight led the path for everyone. Keeping a watchful eye (and being careful) for the brittle ice, that lay beneath the insulated boots that were being worn, to keep the feet warm and dry, from this Arctic blast that Old Man Winter laid out, not to fall. Keeping balance with each step that is taken, all the while thoughts going through the mind, "where did old man winter come from?"

Reaching the end of the cold splattered road, that led to the entryway, holding a frost bitten door looking out. The doorknob, on the ice bearing door, could not be turned without wearing gloves. Entering the warm, cozy room, seeing red, blue flames in the fireplace, that said welcome, sit down, take the wet boots off, and enjoy the warmth of the heat; while the ongoing thoughts still racing to find information on Old Man Winter. Finding a source of research the following is what was found. Old Man Winter has been personalized with his cold, polar, Arctic air.

Personalize the Winter

Jack Frost and Old Man Winter are just words or terms used or lets say, "personalize" make it sound "good" or put a "label" to winter. Instead of just saying, "oh well, cold is coming" someone put a strength to it, made it strong and bold, like nothing will stand in the way, when Old Man Winter arrives.

What would it have been like to hear the weatherman say "Old Lady Winter" is coming. Will she come in gentle? Jack frost, why wasn't he called lets say, "Sally Frost", or "Father Winter" why not "Mother Winter" ? Back in the day, when all came about, the male was the dominate and stronger, this may/may not be a reason. Whether male/female terminology, winter can be very cold.

Actually, Russian folklore has it said, there was a "Mother Winter" known as "Matushka Zima", how interesting is that?

Being a pagan figure, Father Winter, as ancient beliefs are told, is commonly known as Santa Claus. He gave magical herbs, as well as fruits to enjoy, and plants, with hopes the flowering buds would bloom. Father Winter was known to wear a red cape, while he sat tall, on a beautiful white horse, possibly a stallion, a symbol of Goddess, while he delivered all the gifts to everyone.

Stop to think, let the thoughts drift back, just for a moment, how all the fruits and plants were packed as Father Winter rode on horseback, to make his delivery.

Did he have a sack of some sort, that was strapped across the back of the horse, swaying on either or both sides of the horse or was the sack strapped to his back, to be able to reach for each gift he would give away. Did he put the fruits at the bottom of the sack, first and secondly the plants on top? Were the plants only seeds to be planted or were they all plants with buds? Maybe both.

Father Winter, did have companions, as well. The Russians did have characters with associations to winter.

More of Russian folklore, a young companion of Santa Claus or Father Winter, he or she was called "Moroyko."

Old Man Frost or "Ded Moroz" had a companion on many occasions, as well, known as a Snow Maiden or "Snegurochka".

The Snow Maiden character, went as far as having music written for her. The music was written by Tchaikovsky Ostrovsky called Snegurochka or in English "The Snow Maiden", he was a sensational composer. Listen to the sounds of the violins, and the brass, enjoy, as the excellent orchestra performs a brilliant classic.

The Snow Maiden written by Tchaikovsky

Old Man Winter does bring Exciting Winter Days

Looking over at the fireplace watching all the orange, blue and red flames flickering and jumping; the heat made the thaw, and the heart was warm once again. Excitement filled the mind with memories, of friends gathering outside on a snow blistering day; pulling out the sleds, dragging them up the hill, deciding who will be the first to reach the win, down the snow packed hillside. Oh, were the days when Old Man Winter had fun filled effects, hugging and spinning filled with joy and laughter. Boots, no insulation, were worn over doubled layered socks, when trampling in heaps of frost filled snow banks.

The very interesting facts were found about Old Man Winter, that reached a point to other directions, as far as finding The Snow Maiden, enjoying all the music made up for her.

The polar air can be dynamic to anyone who enjoys the outside activities. Winter can be very exciting with lack of boredom. Anticipating any outside activity, in the cold, can create such a frenzy filled with that excitement. Energy filled with vigor to participate in any winter sport, ice skating, sledding, tubing to mention just a few.

To roll, pack and anchor the first snowman, that makes a statement, Old Man Winter was here, and will stay for awhile for everyone to hold the vitality, eagerness and enjoy the existence of the frigid air, snow and ice.


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